St. Pete Times Commentary on Employee Leasing is misguided

February 15, 2008
The following commentary was made on 2/15/2008 in the St. Petersburg Times by Martin Dyckman about Employee Leasing and the E-verify program. Mr. Dyckman claims that "Unless the laws are carefully written,it would be easy for a rogue leasing company to close shop just ahead of the immigration enforcers and transfer its files to a new one controlled by the same people. His opinion article is located here .

The following commentary is the response from Jim Hamilton - President of StaffMarket Services.

Contrary to Mr. Dyckman’s assertions, employee leasing is not and will not be an arrangement to subvert immigration related employment rules. Professional Employer Organizations or PEO (sometimes known as employee leasing companies) exist for the purpose of helping small and medium sized companies maintain compliance with governmental regulations. As the employer of record, it is their role to ensure I9s are completed and SSNs are verified. No PEO will risk the solvency of their company and huge fines by trying to game the Department of Homeland Security. The PEO industry is watching the development of the E-Verify system and proposed employer compliance regulations very carefully so that they can ensure that they and their clients are in compliance. In fact, most regulators recognize that it is much easier to get broad compliance from one PEO with 5,000 business clients than it is to pursue compliance with 5,000 individual business owners.

Business owners already have a long list of burdens they carry for the federal and state government, tax collection, FICA funding, Medicare funding, unemployment funding, etc. As for the new E-Verify, in my opinion, the federal government has abdicated its job to protect our country’s borders and because of that now wants to place these additional regulatory and administrative burdens on employers. Employee leasing will remain an efficient way for responsible employers to meet their employment related obligations.

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