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Exceptional Personnel Inc. has home offices in Dalton , GA.

Client Retention for Exceptional Personnel Inc. - Factors affecting client retention*

* denotes small sample size

Understanding PEO Client Retention Rates - How to interpret these values

  • Of StaffMarket clients who selected Exceptional Personnel Inc. and could have stayed with Exceptional Personnel Inc. at least one year, 58 percent did.
  • Of StaffMarket clients who selected Exceptional Personnel Inc. and could have stayed with Exceptional Personnel Inc. at least two years, 50 percent did.
  • Of StaffMarket clients who selected Exceptional Personnel Inc. and could have stayed with Exceptional Personnel Inc. at least five years, 16 percent did.
  • Of StaffMarket clients who selected Exceptional Personnel Inc. and could have stayed with Exceptional Personnel Inc. at least ten years, 0 percent did.

Since 1999 StaffMarket has assisted ten of thousands of business owners and managers evaluate their options when searching for a Professional Employer Organization.  Our team periodically surveys each client to ensure they are satisfied their PEO selection.  This survey information is then aggregated and used to create these PEO retention calculations. Note: For some PEOs, StaffMarket may have a limited client count for retention calculations and therefore may not be a reliable measure of a PEOs retention performance.  In addition, some PEO are relatively new and may not have a long retention period to be measured. Retention values are current as of Sunday, October 26, 2014.

Client Ratings and Reviews for Exceptional Personnel Inc. - StaffMarket Verified*

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Summarized Overall Satisfaction Ratings for Exceptional Personnel Inc.
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Individual Client Survey Results

About StaffMarket Verified Reviews

Since 1999, StaffMarket has assisted thousands of business owners find the best PEO for their needs. Each calendar quarter we poll each busineses to determine how satisfied they are with the PEO they have chosen. PEO clients rank their PEO from 1 - 5 on 6 categories:

Payroll Accuracy Payroll services are a critical part of the PEO value for a business. A PEO who makes errors with inaccurate payroll can be very frustrating for the PEO client and its employees. Payroll services are vital to cusomter satisfaction.
Service Center Responsiveness All PEOs have service centers that assist clients with a wide variety of HR services. PEO responsive ness to time critical subjects is important.
Workers Compensation Program Handling Workers' compensation claims and safety programs is an important part of the value of a PEO.
Health Insurance Plans For clients using the PEOs health plans, this is meant for clients to rate the overall health insurance offering and management for he plan they are getting throught their PEO.
HR Services The general satsifaction with the PEOs handling of the wide world of HR services.
Account Manager All PEOs will have an account manager assigned to their company.

Ratings scale are: 5 - Outstanding, 4 - Above Average, 3 - Average, 2 - Below Average or 1 - Poor. Client also can submit general comments and feedback about their PEO vendor. StaffMarket only accepts reviews from businesses who we have confirmed our actual clients of the PEO. To maintain the validity of these PEO reviews, StaffMarket does not accept anonymous reviews and only businesses who have used StaffMarket are invited to submit reviews. If you have questions about any PEO you are considering, contact StaffMarket and one of our analysts will be glad to assist you.

Exceptional Personnel Inc. - Type of clients NOT accepted (Work Comp Risk)

StaffMarket currently has no information regarding acceptable types of business for Exceptional Personnel Inc.. For more information about PEO and employee leasing - work comp solutions, register to get PEO and HR outsourcing quotes for your company.

Exceptional Personnel Inc. - HR Outsourcing Services Offered

StaffMarket currently has no information regarding the HR outsourcing services available from Exceptional Personnel Inc.. Other options for HR outsourcing services are available to registered StaffMarket users. Register to review alternate PEO, ASO and HR outsourcing solutions for your company.

Exceptional Personnel Inc. - Employee Benefits Available

StaffMarket currently has no information regarding employee benefit plans available from Exceptional Personnel Inc.. Other employee benefit options are available to registered StaffMarket users. Register to review alternate PEO - employee benefit options for your company.

Factors Affecting PEO Client Retention Rates

  1. PEO client goes out of business
    The recession of 2006 through 2012 has forced many small and medium sized companies to close their doors.  These recession casualties have caused the PEO retention rates to be reduced.  New start-up companies often hire a PEO since they get turn key insurance HR administrative services. In general, start up companies have a high failure rate.  According to this research only 43% of businesses started in 2005 were still in existence five years later. Since new businesses often hire a PEO, it can be inferred that any PEO with a five year retention rate over 43% is adding value and expertise that helps start up companies survive and prosper.  Review the BLS failure rate for business startups. Some PEOs have specialized in construction and other high risk (for workers’ compensation insurance) industries.  These PEOs have seen high client attrition due to the fact that their target client market has shrunk. In addition, geography also plays a role.  Most PEOs cover only limited states and some states have been affected by the recession much more than others.  For example, PEOs that specialize in construction in Florida have seen a high customer loss rate during the recession.

  2. Client drops the PEO
    In some cases the PEO client may become dissatisfied with the PEO service level or to changes in the PEO benefits plans.  Although rare, some PEO have moved from group health insurance plans to individually underwritten plans and this has affected the health insurance costs for the client.  I those cases the client may leave the PEO to engage a different PEO or go to a standard market health insurance plan.

  3. PEO drops the client
    In other situations the PEO may drop the client if the client refuses to implement safety programs that keep work comp costs in check or fails to implement the recommended HR processes. PEOs work to keep insurance and employment risk costs in check and may terminate clients who do not assist with those objectives.

Note: Exceptional Personnel Inc. may offer HR Outsourcing services as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or by providing HR administrative services as an Administrative Services Organization (ASO) . Contact StaffMarket for assistance with the HR Outsourcing types and options available and to get PEO Quotes for your company. In addition some states require a PEO to be licensed. Review PEO and employee leasing licensing requirements. Search StaffMarket for more information about Exceptional Personnel Inc.


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