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Work Comp Discounts

Employee leasing companies provide work comp (worker’s compensation insurance) coverage for your company. In most situations an employee leasing company will provide significant cost savings over traditional workers compensation insurance.

Who Needs Work Comp?

In virtually every state except Texas, workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory. Employers are required to carry work comp insurance on their employees. Small employers who do not carry work comp on their employees (and may be paying small claims “out of pocket”) risk being personally liable for all medical bills from the accident in addition to significant governmental fines. For contractors, having proof of work comp insurance in place is usually required to be a subcontractor for a larger general contractor. Proof of work comp coverage is provided by a work comp certification (a “Cert” in industry lingo) that proves coverage is in place. For more information about getting a work comp cert contact StaffMarket.

Avoiding up front costs

One of the best features of using and employee leasing company is the pay-as-you-go work comp coverage. There are no up-front costs to get work comp coverage. Traditional work comp policies require a significant up front payment (often 3 months of premium costs) to get a policy in place. Employee leasing companies do not require any upfront payments for workers’ compensation coverage.

How much will I save?

In general you can expect to save 15-40% over standard work comp rates. Your savings will vary based on the type of work you do and your claims history. For most businesses this can be a significant amount of money. Contact StaffMarket for a custom analysis of the work comp savings you can expect.

How do I pay?

Employee leasing companies will bill you for work comp insurance along with your payroll. When your employees receive your paychecks you will be presented an invoice that includes the work comp charges for the period. One payment to the employee leasing company covers all your costs for payroll, work comp, and payroll taxes.

For more information about Work Comp coverage for your business, see Work Comp Pricing .

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