PEO - Professional Employer Organizations Licensing by State

PEOs operate currently in all fifty states. The following chart includes only the more comprehensive registration and licensing acts that are applicable to the PEO industry. Other states have legislation specifically referencing the PEO or employee leasing industry but do not have comprehensive registration or licensing requirements specific to the industry (see e.g. Georgia Code section 34-7-6 or the Washington Master Business Application Revised Code of Washington § 19.02.010). In addition, state unemployment codes, workers’ compensation acts, and other statutes may have PEO specific references. Colorado and Rhode Island have specific certification requirements with regard to benefits and taxes respectively. Information courtesy of NAPEO. Updated 9/26/05.

PEO in FloridaPEO in GeorgiaPEO in South CarolinaPEO in North CarolinaPEO in TennesseePEO in KentuckyPEO in VirginaPEO in AlabamaPEO in MississippiPEO in LouisianaPEO in ArkansasPEO in IndianaPEO in West VirginiaPEO in OhioPEO in MichiganPEO in IllinoisPEO in TexasPEO in OklahomaPEO in MissouriPEO in WisconsinPEO in IowaPEO in KansasPEO in MinnesotaPEO in NebraskaPEO in South DakotaPEO in North DakotaPEO in New MexicoPEO in ColoradoPEO in ArizonaPEO in UtahPEO in WyomingPEO in CaliforniaPEO in NevadaPEO in IdahoPEO in OregonPEO in WashingtonPEO in HawaiiPEO in AlaskaPEO in PennsylvaniaPEO in New YorkPEO in MontanaPEO in VermontPEO in ConnecticutPEO in MassachusettsPEO in New HampshirePEO in Rhode IslandPEO in MarylandPEO in DelawarePEO in New JerseyPEO in Maine

PEO State License Resources
Alabama PEO Licensing    Alaska PEO Licensing    Arizona PEO Licensing    Arkansas PEO Licensing    California PEO Licensing    Colorado PEO Licensing    Connecticut PEO Licensing    Delaware PEO Licensing    District of Columbia PEO Licensing    Florida PEO Licensing    Georgia PEO Licensing    Hawaii PEO Licensing    Idaho PEO Licensing    Illinois PEO Licensing    Indiana PEO Licensing    Iowa PEO Licensing    Kansas PEO Licensing    Kentucky PEO Licensing    Louisiana PEO Licensing    Maine PEO Licensing    Maryland PEO Licensing    Massachusetts PEO Licensing    Michigan PEO Licensing    Minnesota PEO Licensing    Mississippi PEO Licensing    Missouri PEO Licensing    Montana PEO Licensing    Nebraska PEO Licensing    Nevada PEO Licensing    New Hampshire PEO Licensing    New Jersey PEO Licensing    New Mexico PEO Licensing    New York PEO Licensing    North Carolina PEO Licensing    North Dakota PEO Licensing    Ohio PEO Licensing    Oklahoma PEO Licensing    Oregon PEO Licensing    Pennsylvania PEO Licensing    Rhode Island PEO Licensing    South Carolina PEO Licensing    South Dakota PEO Licensing    Tennessee PEO Licensing    Texas PEO Licensing    Utah PEO Licensing    Vermont PEO Licensing    Virginia PEO Licensing    Washington PEO Licensing    West Virginia PEO Licensing    Wisconsin PEO Licensing    Wyoming PEO Licensing   


As of 3/13/2006 PEOs are required to be registered and licensed in Alabama. You can review the Alabama PEO registration Act for more information about Alabama PEO licensing requirements. If you are a PEO seeking to do business in alabama make sure your PEO is registered and meets the Alabama PEO licensing requirements.


None - As of 9/26/2005 no formal licensing was required.

View Alaska PEO- Companies


Arizona Registration Professional Employer Organizations Registration Act Arizona Code §23-567 Secretary of State Secretary of State 1700 W Washington 7th Floor Phoenix, AZ 85007-2888 (602) 542-4285

View Arizona PEO Companies


Licensing Arkansas Employee Leasing Licensing Act, Arkansas Code Annotated § 23-92-301 et. seq. Insurance Arkansas Department of Insurance Edith Roberts 1200 West Third Street, Little Rock, AR 72201-1904 (501)371-2600 or 1-800-282-9134 HYPERLINK ""

Arkansas PEO Companies


None - As of 9/26/2005 no formal licensing was required.

California PEO Companies


As of August 21, 2008 the state of Colorado requires PEOs and Employee Leasing companies to be certified by the state. Employee leasing companies and PEOs are required to pay wages and collect, report, and pay all payroll-related taxes from their accounts for all covered employees, including unemployment insurance (SUTA/UI) taxes. During 2008 Employee leasing companies and PEOs will continue to submit their tax and wages reports under the account numbers they are currently using. The PEO's responsibility for reporting wages and paying UI taxes under their own account numbers must begin with all wages paid on or after January 1, 2009. PEOs can no longer use the account number for the worksite employer or client. Visit this link for more Colorado Employee Leasing and PEO Certification Requirements

Colorado PEO Companies


None - As of 9/26/2005 no formal licensing was required.

Connecticut PEO Companies


None - As of 9/26/2005 no formal licensing was required.

Delaware PEO Companies

District of Columbia

None - As of 9/26/2005 no formal licensing was required.

District of Columbia PEO Companies


FL Licensing Employee Leasing Companies, Florida Stat. Ann. § 468.520 et. seq. Florida Board of Employee Leasing Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation Board of Employee Leasing Companies 1940 North Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-0767 (850) 487-1395, Facsimile (850) 921-2321 E-mail: HYPERLINK ""

Florida PEO Companies

Other Florida PEO Reference Material


None - As of 9/26/2005 no formal licensing was required.

Georgia PEO Companies


None - As of 9/26/2005 no formal licensing was required.

Hawaii PEO Companies


None - As of 9/26/2005 no formal licensing was required.

Idaho PEO Companies


IL Licensing Employee Leasing Company Act (Jan.1, 1998), 215 ILCS 113 (1997 Insurance Illinois Department of Insurance HYPERLINK "" 320 West Washington Street, Springfield, IL 62767-0001 (217) 782-2790, facsimile (217) 782-5020 Contact: Dave Murphy (217) 782-5415 Contact: Kevin Denny (312) 793-1912

Illinois PEO Companies


IN Registration Professional Employer Organization Registration Act Indiana Code 27-16 Chap. 4, Sec. 6 Insurance Department of Insurance 311 W. Washington St, Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46204 (317) 232-2385

Indiana PEO Companies


None - As of 9/26/2005 no formal licensing was required.

Iowa PEO Companies


None - As of 9/26/2005 no formal licensing was required.

Kansas PEO Companies


KY Registration Registration of Employee Leasing Companies, Kentucky Revised Statutes § 342.615 Dept. of Workers’ Claims Department of Workers’ Claims, Coverage Branch HYPERLINK "" Prevention Park, 657 Chamberlain Avenue, Frankfort, KY 40601 (502) 564-5550, ext. 4448. Contact: Tanya Keith ( HYPERLINK ""

Kentucky PEO Companies


Registration LA RS 23:1761 et seq. and RS 22:1210.51 et seq. Labor/Insurance Louisiana Department of Insurance, Agent Licensing Division HYPERLINK "" P. O. Box 94214, Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9214 (225) 342-5900 or (225) 342-0860, facsimile (225) 342-3078 Contact: Evelyn Major Louisiana Department of Labor, Workers’ Compensation Employee Leasing Program, Tax Liability and Adjudication Unit, Room 420 HYPERLINK "" (225) 342-2942 P. O. Box 94186, Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9094 Contact: Debbie LeBoeuf

Louisiana PEO Companies


ME Registration Maine Revised Statutes Title 32, §14051 – 14058 Insurance Maine Department of Professional & Financial Regulation, Bureau of Insurance HYPERLINK "" 34 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0034 (207) 624-8441, facsimile (207) 624-8599 Contact: Kathy J. Eastman, HYPERLINK ""

Maine PEO Companies


None - As of 9/26/2005 no formal licensing was required.

Maryland PEO Companies


None - As of 9/26/2005 no formal licensing was required.

Massachutsetts PEO Companies


None - As of 9/26/2005 no formal licensing was required.

Michigan PEO Companies


MN Registration Minnesota Statutes § 79.255 Commerce Department of Commerce, Securities Registration, Employee Leasing Registration UnitHYPERLINK" EDITORIAL&agency=Commerce" 85 Seventh Place East, St. Paul, MN 55101 (651) 296-4973 or (651) 296-4523, facsimile (651) 284-4106 E-mail: HYPERLINK "" Contact: Robert Rivera

Minnesota PEO Companies


None - As of 9/26/2005 no formal licensing was required.

Mississippi PEO Companies


None - As of 9/26/2005 no formal licensing was required.

Missouri PEO Companies


MT Licensing Montana Code Annotated §39-8-202 Dept .of Labor & Industry. Department of Labor & Industry, Employment Relations Division, Workers’ Compensation Regulation Bureau, Carrier Compliance Unit HYPERLINK "" Mail: P. O. Box 8011, Helena, MT 59604-8011 Site: 1805 Prospect Avenue, Helena, MT 59601 Contact: Brett Wall, PEO Compliance Specialist (406) 444-0776, E-mail: HYPERLINK "mailto:brwall@mt.govf" facsimile (406) 444-3465

Montana PEO Companies


None - As of 9/26/2005 no formal licensing was required.

Nebraska PEO Companies


NV Registration Nevada Revised Statutes § 616B.670 Div. of Industrial Rel. The workers’ compensation division is responsible for registration of a PEO: Division of Industrial Relations, Industrial Insurance Regulation Section, Employer Compliance Unit HYPERLINK "" 1301 North Green Valley Parkway, Suite 200, Henderson, NV 89074 (702) 486-9080 Contacts: If most PEO clients are in Southern Nevada, contact Jim Hutton in Las Vegas at (702) 486-9080 If most PEO clients are in Northern Nevada, contact Dawn Saucedo at (775) 684-7285

Nevada PEO Companies

New Hampshire

NH Licensing New Hampshire Revised Statutes §§ 277-B:1 et. seq. Dept. of Labor New Hampshire Department of Labor, Employee Leasing HYPERLINK "" State Office Park South, 95 Pleasant Street, Concord, NH 03301 (603) 271-3176, facsimile (603) 271-1649 Attn: Ellery Hathorn, Administrator

New Hampshire PEO Companies

New Jersey

NJ Registration NJ Statute 34:8-67 to 34:8-78. Dept. of Labor Department of Labor, Division of Employer Accounts HYPERLINK "" P. O. Box 913, Trenton, NJ 08625-0913 (609) 292-1730 E-mail:

New Jersey PEO Companies

New Mexico

NM Licensing New Mexico Statutes § 60-13A-1 et. seq. Regulation and Licensing Regulation & Licensing Department, Construction Industries Division HYPERLINK "" 5200 Oakland Avenue Northeast, Albuquerque, NM 87102 (505) 222-9109, facsimile (505) 765-5670 Employee Leasing Program Manager, Carmen Gomez (505) 222-9809 E-mail: HYPERLINK ""

New Mexico PEO Companies

New York

Registration NY Labor Code Article 31, Section 915 et seq. Labor New York Department of Labor HYPERLINK "" State Office Building Campus, Room 500, Albany, NY 12240-0003 (518) 457-2635 or (518) 457-9000, facsimile (518) 485-6172. Labor Standards Unit, PEO Registration (518) 457-1942 HYPERLINK "" E-mail: HYPERLINK ""

New York PEO Companies

North Carolina

NC Registration NC General Statute Chapter 58, Article 89. Insurance North Carolina Department of Insurance, Financial Evaluation Division HYPERLINK "" Mail: P. O. Box 26387, Raleigh, NC 27611 Site: 430 North Salisbury Street, Raleigh, NC 27603 (919) 733-5633, ext. 295, Attn: Sonny Watts. E-mail:

North Carolina PEO Companies

North Dakota

None - As of 9/26/2005 no formal licensing was required.

North Dakota PEO Companies


OH Registration Ohio Revised Code §4125.01 et seq. Bureau of Workers’ Comp. Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation HYPERLINK "" 30 West Spring Street, Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 466-6773 Contact: Todd Groper, email HYPERLINK ""

Ohio PEO Companies


OK Registration Title 40. Labor, Section 600.1 et. seq.
Insurance Oklahoma State Insurance Department, Financial Division
Five Corporate Plaza, 3625 N.W. 56th, Ste. 100, Oklahoma City, OK 73112 (405) 521-3966 or (405) 521-2828, facsimile (405) 522-0125
Contact: Gail LoPresto:

Oklahoma PEO Companies


OR Licensing Oregon Revised Statutes § 656.850 et.seq. Consumer and Business Services Department of Consumer & Business Services, Workers’ Compensation Division HYPERLINK "" 350 Winter Street, Northeast, Room 21, Salem, OR 97310-1321 Compliance Section: (503) 947-7722, facsimile (503) 947-7725. List of registered PEOs (called “worker leasing companies”) is found at: HYPERLINK ""

Oregon PEO Companies


None - As of 9/26/2005 no formal licensing was required.

Pennsylvania PEO Companies

Rhode Island

RI Registration General Laws of Rhode Island §5-75-1 et seq. Dept ,of Admin., Div. of Taxation Rhode Island Department of Administration, Division of Taxation HYPERLINK "" One Capitol Hill, Providence, RI 02908-5800 (401) 222-3690 or (401) 222-6281. Contact: Ron Smith

Rhode Island PEO Companies

South Carolina

SC Licensing South Carolina Code of Laws § 40-68-10 et. seq. Consumer Affairs Department of Consumer Affairs, Staff Leasing Services HYPERLINK "" Mail: P. O. Box 5757, Columbia, SC 29250-5757 Site: 3600 Forest Drive, 3rd Floor, Columbia, SC 29250 (803) 734-4251

South Carolina PEO Companies

South Dakota

None - As of 9/26/2005 no formal licensing was required.

South Dakota PEO Companies


Joe Walker, CFE
Lead Licensing Analyst
Financial Affairs Section
Tennessee Division of Commerce and Insurance
500 James Robertson Parkway, 4th Floor
Nashville, Tennessee 37243
VOICE: (615) 741-7520
FAX : (615) 532-2788

Tennessee PEO Companies


TX Licensing The Staff Leasing Services Act, Texas Civil Statutes, Article 9104. Licensing and Regulation Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation HYPERLINK "" P. O. Box 12157, Austin, TX 78711 (512) 463-6599, facsimile (512) 475-2871, toll free (800) 803-9202 (in Texas) LeeAnn Dan E-mail Address:

Texas PEO Companies


UT Licensing Utah Code § 58-59-101 Commerce Utah Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing HYPERLINK "" Mail: P. O. Box 146741, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6741 Site: 160 East 300 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84414 (801) 530-6628 or 530-6396 or 530-6727, facsimile (801) 530-6511 Contact DOPL: HYPERLINK ""

Utah PEO Companies


VT Licensing Vermont Statutes Annotated §§ 12-1031 Definitions Labor and Industry Vermont Department of Labor and Industry National Life Building, Drawer 20, Montpelier, VT 05620-3401 (802) 828-2288, facsimile (802) 828-2195 HYPERLINK "" contact: Bob Heines

Vermont PEO Companies


VA Registration VA Statute § 65.2-101 Workers’ Comp. Commission VIPNet Customer Service Representative, Valerie Adams, (804) 786-3794. After registration, toll free customer support is at (877) 482-3468.

Virginia PEO Companies


None - As of 9/26/2005 no formal licensing was required.

Washington PEO Companies

West Virginia

None - As of 9/26/2005 no formal licensing was required.

West Virginia PEO Companies


None - As of 9/26/2005 no formal licensing was required.

Wisconsin PEO Companies


None - As of 9/26/2005 no formal licensing was required.

Wyoming PEO Companies

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