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StaffMarket has PEO and employee leasing programs available for Grocery Store companies across the United States. Over 10,000 companies have engaged StaffMarket to provide single point access to the entire Professional Employer Organization (Peo) industry.

When your Grocery Store companies engages a PEO, the PEO will act as your outsourced human resources department. Your managers will have time to focus on growing the business instead of handling administrative tasks. By eliminating the non-revenue producing activities like payroll, tax filing, unemployment claims management, worker’s compensation insurance administration and benefit plan management, your Grocery Store business will be able to focus on new sales and revenue growth.

What can a PEO do for your company?

Payroll Services

When your Grocery Store company hires a professional employer organization, payroll is part of the package. The PEO will handle all payroll calculations. You set the pay rates and report the hours and the PEO does the rest. All taxes, withholding and benefits premiums (if desired) are deducted from the payroll checks and remitted to the proper taxing authorities or benefit carriers. In addition pre-tax (section 125 treatment) values are calculated so that your staff gets the maximum tax advantage possible. Payroll amounts may be delivered via check (including multiple locations) or direct deposited to the employee’s bank. Learn more about PEO payroll services.

Work Comp Insurance Coverage

If your Grocery Store company is located in any state except Texas, workers’ compensation insurance coverage is mandated by your state government. Companies operating without a policy to cover employees risk significant fines and personal liability for on the job injuries. When you hire a PEO, their work comp policy provides the coverage for your employees. A PEO will also work to establish a safety program for your Grocery Store company and ensure that all claims are managed. Work comp insurance can be a significant for many business and PEOs can often offer a significant savings. Learn more about PEO workers' compensation insurance.

Employee Benefits and Health Insurance

Access to “Fortune 500” level employee benefits is possible with a PEO… depending on your needs. A range of plans are available for PPO, HMO, and HSA programs. StaffMarket will help you find a PEO program that fits your Grocery Store company’s employee benefit needs. Providing a comprehensive employee benefit plans for your employees is optional with a PEO, but many employers have found that offering employee benefits like health insurance improves their employee retention and lowers their costs from turnover. Learn more about PEO Employee Benefits.

HR Support

Using a PEO can help administrate your Grocery Store company workforce. PEOs offer a full suite of HR related services that ensure your company is following the best practices available for your workers. The HR area can be a mine field of risks for the managers with out formal HR training or on-call expertise. Learn more about PEO HR Administration.

Grocery Store - PEO and Employee Leasing Considerations

Hiring a Grocery Store PEO or a company that provides Grocery Store employee leasing services can be a smart move for your business. Let StaffMarket help your Grocery Store company review all of the PEO alternatives available in marketplace and find the best fit for you.

To discuss the viability of a Grocery Store PEO or Grocery Store employee leasing services, contact StaffMarket for free quotes and consultation.

Note: HR Outsourcing services are available as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or by providing HR administrative services as an Administrative Services Organization (ASO). Contact StaffMarket for assistance with the HR Outsourcing types and options available and to get Grocery Store Employee leasing quotes for your company.

How many PEO and Employee Leasing companies can service your Grocery Store company?

StaffMarket’s national database of Professional Employer Organization - PEO capabilities contains information about the types of companies that can provide workers’ compensation insurance for Grocery Store companies and associated SIC codes - Standard Industrial Classification.

StaffMarket’s counts of PEO companies covering these related business types:

SIC CodeIndustry DescriptionStaffMarket PEO Count
5411Grocery Stores213 solutions available **
5411Supermarkets and Grocery Stores with Little General Merchandise213 solutions available **
5411Supermarkets and Grocery Stores with Substantial General Merchandise213 solutions available **
3496Grocery Carts224 solutions available **
3496Except Grocery Carts224 solutions available **

** All 50 states. The best PEO solutions will also depend on your operating state. Your StaffMarket Request for PEO quotes will narrow this number to only solutions available in your area.

Estimated Federal Regulatory Costs per Employee:

PEOs offer some relief (in the form of assistance) from the regulatory burdens often faced by Grocery Store companies. According to an updated 2010 study provided by the Small Business Administration (See Page 13), the regulatory burdens on small and medium sized business are:

Type of Regulation

All Firms

<20 Employees

20-499 employees

500+ employees

All Federal Regulations $8,086 $10,585 $7,454 $7,755
Economic $5,153 $4,120 $4,750 $5,835
Environmental $1,523 $4,101 $1,294 $883
Tax Compliance $800 $1,584 $760 $517
OSHA and Homeland Security $610 $781 $650 $650

According to this SBA study, the regulatory costs for just Economic and Tax compliance averages $6,352 per employee per year for companies with less than 500 employees. PEO and employee leasing programs often cost less than one third this amount. PEO and employee leasing programs can help reduce federal regulatory costs to your Grocery Store company or any other type of business. In addition this table does not include any costs for State regulatory burdens (like state unemployment taxes or state imposed workers’ compensation insurance costs). These costs are often significant amounts in addition to the amounts shown here. Learn more about PEO and employee leasing cost savings.

Research Employee Leasing and PEO programs for other business types.

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