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Only StaffMarket provides your PEO with free access to qualified prospects that want your services!

Profitably expanding the client base for your PEO is an expensive proposition and StaffMarket is here to help. StaffMarket has created an e-commerce web site that allows small and medium-sized business managers to run an automated Request for Proposal (RFP) for PEO services. Our service assists prospects in preparing an RFP that contains all of the major data required for your PEO's pricing department to propose the prospect. At StaffMarket we provide you with prospects that :

If your PEO is ready to expand into new territories, focus on market niches and save money on business expansion costs...StaffMarket is your partner.

The StaffMarket RFP Process

Our web-site matches the PEO prospect's requirements with the service profiles of all StaffMarket registered PEOs. Our matching process provides you with RFPs from only the prospects that match the criteria you establish. You can focus your sales efforts on targeted prospects by location, SIC code, services, benefits and other criteria that you define. A StaffMarket RFP tells you exactly what services the prospect is expecting. Our web site automatically notifies you when we have a prospect that matches your criteria. It provides you with a complete, customized facility to view RFP details and schedules. If you decide to make a proposal, it goes directly to the prospect. StaffMarket does not manage pricing information and does not receive your proposal. To maintain our objectivity, StaffMarket does not assist our customers in PEO proposal evaluation.

Understanding the PEO marketplace

Progressive PEOs are always seeking new ways to provide services for their customers. But do you really know what they want? PEOs registered with StaffMarket get access to the strategic marketing analysis we have compiled regarding geographic industry growth, demand by business type, the types of services requested and other important statistics. Find out how many and what kinds of PEO prospects really want the new programs you are considering.

StaffMarket Fees

There are no service subscription fees and never a fee to propose a StaffMarket RFP. StaffMarket fees are paid by your PEO only when a contract has been completed. StaffMarket's fee is calculated based on the prospect's annual payroll dollars and Workers' Compensation mix and is noted on the RFP.

Lets get Started!

To start getting RFPs from StaffMarket, simply complete the PEO registration . We have worked hard to make the registration as painless as possible. Registration should take around 30 minutes to complete. If you have any questions about our product or about registration, please call us.

Expand your PEO business the smart way....with StaffMarket.

StaffMarket provides small and medium size business owners and managers with a complete Internet based facility for executing an automated RFP for outsourced Human Resources and Payroll services to a Professional Employment Organization (PEO). The StaffMarket process matches prospect companies needs and requirements with the services offered by PEOs nationwide. StaffMarket profiles the desired services of business prospects regarding: Business Type, Payroll Services, Employee Benefits, Licensing and Geographic service areas. Once your PEO is registered, we make sure you receive prospects tailored to the kind of clients your PEO is seeking.Our job is to bring you quality prospects that meet your criteria and provide you with all of the data you need to make a proposal.

During the StaffMarket PEO registration process, we will work with you to assemble data pertinent to your PEOs payroll offerings, workers compensation targets and employee benefits services. Once you have completed the StaffMarket on-line registration for PEOs, you will be eligible to receive StaffMarket Request for Proposals (RFPs) from propects seeking a relationship with a PEO. We perform a detailed profile of the propect and notify you about the RFP when our system matches your requirements with the prospects needs. With StaffMarket you can target your sales to particular Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes allowing you to focus on or exclude particular types of prospects. When a StaffMarket prospect "kicks off" an RFP, we notify you so you can determine if you have an interest in making a proposal to the prospect. Each prospect's RFP contains detailed information regarding the prospect's payroll by work comp code, payroll services needs and employee benefits needs. Everthing you need to determine your interest level in the client is available.

Once you have determined that you are interested in pursuing the prospect, we provide you with the prospect's contact information so that you can "close the deal".

There is no fee to register at StaffMarket or to make a proposal to a StaffMarket prospect. StaffMarket only charges a fee if you successfully contract with the propect. The StaffMarket fee is disclosed on each RFP and is payable only if you win the business. There is no fee to review RFPs.

All final negotiations and contract details will be handled directly between your company and the prospect. To maintain our objectivity, StaffMarket does not assist prospects with PEO proposal evaluations.

All StaffMarket fees are paid by the competing PEOs and all PEOs pay the same price. StaffMarket accepts no banner advertsing from any PEO.