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If you are ready to grow your PEO, you need StaffMarket. Since 1999 we have helped over 20,000 businesses evaluate their best PEO options. We believe strongly that Professional Employer Organizations are the key to the efficient operation of small businesses in the USA and are proud to help clients find the best PEO fit for their companies. The pace of regulation and rule requirements for employers is growing annually and PEOs can offer critical relief. If your PEO can help with that we want to talk with you.

StaffMarket – creating the marketplace for PEOs and business clients.

Every PEO needs to identify a niche and build a product and service platform to serve a particular segment of the small business market. Today there are hundreds of PEOs in the USA but not a single one that can service all types of small business in every state. If you have been in the PEO industry very long you know that each prospective client poses a unique opportunity and risk. So how will your PEO efficiently find clients who fit your PEOs acceptance criteria? That’s where we come in. A three person drywall installer in Utah is not a good fit for a white collar focused PEO in New York, or vice versa.

PEO prospect qualification

A key to successfully building your PEO is to qualify prospects based on your PEOs target markets and your PEO’s underwriting criteria. At StaffMarket we qualify each prospective client to ensure they match your target market segment and meet your insurance underwriting criteria. This saves both you and our small business client’s time with pursing relationships that are not going to work out.

StaffMarket enrollment - Things we need to know

To register with StaffMarket we will ask you to complete our profile form that captures information about your PEOs in terms of:

Profiling your PEO allows StaffMarket and thousands of business to quickly identify your PEO as a potential business partner client.

Our process - data makes the difference

At StaffMarket our goal is to always bring multiple PEO options to the table for potential PEO business clients. When our system determines that a potential PEO business client is a match, the client will place your PEO in consideration for your PEO to prepare a quote/proposal. Each client will review your website, client reviews, client retention ratings and other criteria to determine if they would like invite you to quote their business. If the client approves contact with your PEO, you will be notified by StaffMarket and will have access the client’s requirements and underwriting data. Through our system you will have the ability to open a dialog with the prospect and prepare and present your proposal to the client.

Market competition with other PEOs

While there are hundreds of PEOs across the USA participating at StaffMarket, in practice there are only a handful that are a really good fit for any particular business client. By doing a “deep dive” on the client’s true needs and underwriting we can filter the PEO playing field down quickly. This ensures that your PEO is not wasting time chasing opportunities that are not a good fit for your PEO. In addition, most prospective clients do not have the time or willingness to work with more than a few PEOs in making their selection.

Our commitment to your PEO – a level playing field

Every PEO at StaffMarket has the same opportunity to pursue prospective business clients provided the PEO is a match for the client. We do not make the final decision about engaging your PEO… the potential client does. Our job is simply to provide you with a level playing field and the opportunity for a new client. We do not and will not accept any compensation to promote one PEO over another. Don’t even ask. If your PEO becomes non-responsive to our communications or we have reason to believe your PEO is not meeting its statutory obligations we will terminate your account and you will no longer be enrolled at StaffMarket.

PEO Ratings and Reviews

StaffMarket shares ratings and reviews of your PEO with potential PEO business clients when they are determining the short-list of PEOs they want to consider in their PEO search. Ratings and reviews for your PEO are from surveys we send to business clients who have selected your PEO through StaffMarket. We do not allow ratings and reviews from any other parties. If you have a poor review that you would like to address, contact us and we will allow your PEO the opportunity to respond to the poor review.

Your proposal pricing

StaffMarket does not dictate anything regarding your proposal pricing to the potential PEO business client. The price for your services is between you and the potential business client. Multiple PEOs will be competing for the account so that should be a consideration when preparing your pricing.


StaffMarket has multiple payment plans available. Contact us for details.

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