AES Human Resources in Pensacola ceases operations. Sends clients to Simple HR in Destin, Florida

Contributor: Jim Hamilton
Published on: 1/13/2011
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Effective 1/31/2011 AES Human Resources Solutions located in Pensacola, Florida will cease operations. Plans are for their clients to be serviced by Simple HR in Destin, Florida.

AES Human Resources Solutions in Pensacola, Florida has announced plans to cease operations as of January 31, 2011. In a letter to AES clients, AES President and owner Donald Moore noted that the “BP oil spill put an enormous strain on our operations” and that their claim for damages to BP had been denied. AES was also known as Allstates Employer Services.
AES Notice Letter to Clients

Financial Terms Not Disclosed

The AES letter to their client’s states that accounts will be “transitioned” to Simple HR located in Destin, Florida and that 2010 W2s for all AES worksite (client) employees will be processed by AES. The letter states that Simple HR is a trusted partner of AES. The letter did not disclose any financial terms of a transaction between AES and Simple HR, nor did it indicate if client pricing would be affected. Furthermore, the letter did not address whether all clients from AES would be accepted by Simple HR or of only selected types of clients would be offered to make the transition.

Things to Consider for Affected Clients

PEO clients whose account has been sold to another PEO are advised to review the StaffMarket guide: “My PEO was just sold – now what?” for more information about options and choices available in the PEO marketplace. The guide reviews the considerations for PEO clients being moved from one Professional Employer Organization to another.
What to consider if your PEO was sold

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