Finding your best Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or Employee Leasing solution just got a whole lot easier.

Making the decision to join a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to handle your Human Resources tasks is a smart move that has benefited thousands of businesses across the USA.

Hiring a Professional Employer Organization allows business owners and managers to focus their energy on expanding their business without worrying about payroll, tax deposits, workers' compensation insurance, health insurance and other regulatory compliance. But before you can seriously consider joining a PEO, you need to find the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that provides the services you expect, the employee benefits you want...all at a competitive price.

What's the easiest way to select a PEO? ...put StaffMarket to work.

StaffMarket is the nation's largest marketplace for the Professional Employer Organization industry. Our mission is to understand your unique needs, identify the best solutions and quickly get your company competitive proposals from our national network of the nation's best Professional Employer Organization companies.

Since 1999 we have helped over 20,000 companies evaluate Employee Leasing and PEO solutions.
Let us help you!

StaffMarket works with 591 PEOs with over $33 Billion in annual sales. Join over 256,000 businesses and 3,834,000 employees who are getting quality services and benefits with a StaffMarket PEO.

How it works:

Based on your company’s requirements, we will

  1. Identify the top PEO companies that operate in your area and have the services, employee benefits and health insurance you expect.
  2. Get quotes from Professional Employer Organization companies that can accept your type of business and Worker's Compensation risk.
  3. Put participating PEOs on notice that your business is being competitively bid.

We assist with the development of your Request For Proposals (RFP) for PEO services and our simple 5 step process captures the services and benefits that are most important to your company. We match your needs with the offerings of all of the hundreds of Professional Employer Organization companies that participate at StaffMarket. Only the Professional Employer Organization companies who offer the services and employee benefits you require are invited to prepare a proposal for your company. Information on how to contact you is only provided to the PEO with your explicit approval. When proposals are ready (available on-line at our web site), our team of industry experts can help you evaluate your proposals and provide counseling about your options.

How to select a PEO at StaffMarket

What's the advantage?


A competitive bidding process ensures the best price.

Time Savings

PEOs know what you expect. You will eliminate time spent on sales calls from Professional Employer Organization companies who can't deliver what you want.

Nationwide Access

StaffMarket has profiled the services and benefits capabilities of PEO s nationwide that want your business.


StaffMarket provides you with randomly selected referrals that you can use to evaluate PEO satisfaction.

Access to Industry Experts

The principals at StaffMarket have years of experience in the PEO industry and are current on all of the major industry subjects and customer concerns. Let us help you find the best relationship for your company.

What's the cost?

The StaffMarket RFP service is free to all customers - All fees are paid by participating PEOs

Let's get going!

We have worked hard to make this process as simple as possible. Your RFP should take around 10 minutes to "kick-off". If you have any questions about the StaffMarket service or about your Request for Proposal, please call.

We'll help you find the right PEO!

Hundreds of options, but which is right for your company? Let's find out.