Questions and Answers about the best way to shop for a PEO.

This sounds complicated and time consuming. Is it?

No. Your time is valuable and the StaffMarket Request for Proposal (RFP) process greatly reduces the amount of time your business will spend shopping for the best deal from a PEO. Normally, shopping for PEO services is time consuming. Each PEO salesperson expects you to fill out a different set of forms collecting the same information. Many times a PEO may not offer all of the services you want and the time to find out is before you have spent multiple hours with PEO salespersons. The StaffMarket RFP process quickly eliminates PEOs that do not offer the services you require. Only the PEOs that meet your requirements are made aware of your RFP. The 30 minutes you invest in registering at StaffMarket will save many hours in your PEO search.

Can I get a better price by using StaffMarket?

PEOs across the USA recognize the improved efficiency that StaffMarket brings to their PEO expansion efforts. This results in lower costs for the PEO and they can in turn pass that savings on to you. Each PEO knows they are in direct competition with other PEOs and are more likely to deliver their best price right up front.

Will my RFP be available nationally? Can I reach PEOs in other states?

Yes. StaffMarket has profiled the services and benefits capabilites of PEOs nationwide that want your business. Why shop just locally when PEOs nationwide can service your business?

Can PEOs outside my local area effectively service my account?

Yes. Most PEOs have centralized service centers that will handle your account. For support you will call these service centers for all of your account needs. Many PEOs operate on a regional or national scale, and they are very capable of handling your business needs regardless of your location. All PEOs rely heavily on phone, fax, US mail, Fed-Ex and the Internet to service your account. Geographic location of the PEO support center is usually not an issue.

How do I get my paychecks?

Most PEOs require payment in full at the same time they deliver your payroll checks. This problem has forced many PEOs to hand-deliver payroll checks via an expensive and geographically limiting courier method. If your company has a good financial standing, you may be able to pay the PEO via direct debit to your company accounts. Otherwise, the PEO will insist that you pay them via a certified check prior to payroll check delivery. Wire transfers are also accepted. Many customers receive their payroll checks via Fed-Ex next day delivery. Your company's ability to be flexible about how you receive your payroll checks greatly expands the number of PEOs that can service your account and will respond to your RFP.

If I get proposals from PEOs that I've never heard of.....How can I check them out?

StaffMarket provides you with randomly selected referrals that you can check to evaluate the satisfaction level of each PEO's current customers. Reference checks are an invaluable way to assess each PEO.

What's the Cost?

The StaffMarket RFP service is free to all customers.

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