Successful PEO Relationships

The key to a successful relationship with a PEO is careful review and selection. Your workers are a valuable asset and entering into a co-employment relationship with a PEO requires the same common sense you would use when selecting any trusted business partner.

How to select a PEO at StaffMarket

Guidelines for selecting a PEO

How StaffMarket can help

Compile a listing of your services and employee benefits requirements.

StaffMarket's Interview form assists in preparing a complete listing of your requirements.

Find PEOs that operate in your state and are licensed (if required). Also find PEOs that are seeking your type of business.

StaffMarket automatically matches you with only PEOs that operate in your locations. Our on-line matching process quickly identifies the PEOs that can handle and want your business. Hundreds of the nations top PEOs work with us.

Notify qualified PEOs that you are seeking proposals. Provide each PEO with your list of requirements, benefits census and workers' compensation claims history.

StaffMarket's automated Request for Proposal (RFP) process provides your requirements to only the PEOs that meet your precise requirements. StaffMarket provides automated distribution of your requirements and all pertinent data directly to each qualifying PEO, eliminating time spent responding to each data request.

Collect Proposals

StaffMarket assists in all coordination and follow through to quickly get competitive PEO proposals.

Obtain References

StaffMarket provides independent references from our base of clients who are using the PEOs you are considering.

Analyze, Evaluate and compare PEO proposals. Make your selection.

StaffMarket can provide assistance with free access to our staff of industry experts as well as our PEO proposal evaluation analysis tools.

Get targeted competitive PEO quotes now.