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Four easy steps to select the right PEO

Identify your company's needs and match with PEO capabilities (?)
Review and approve the "short-list" of best fit PEOs (?)
Review proposals and evaluate pricing (?)
Select Your PEO (?)

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Welcome to the StaffMarket initial registration page. In a moment we will define the kind of services and employee benefits you want from a Professional Employer Organization. Before we start the registration process, we first establish your StaffMarket user ID and password which will provide access to the latest status of your request for Professional Employer Organization proposals and allow you to view your quotes on-line. Once your access is established you can leave the registration process anytime and return to complete it later.

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Who should complete this information?

If you are ready get PEO quotes for your company, then complete this information to get the ball rolling.

We will assign one our senior industry experts to your account to ensure you have a great service experience with StaffMarket. If you are unsure about what this is about and are leery of entering your data in a website, then just call us on the phone at 877-882-7225. Our office hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm EST in the USA. If our office is closed, just let us know the best time to call and we will contact you then.

Why we need this information.

This is the starting point to build your company’s Request for Proposal for PEO and HR Outsourcing Services. The internet is great but selecting the right PEO requires some conversation between you and our staff of industry experts. We will need to contact you. There is no substitute for personal service and our aim is to help you quickly make an educated decision about selecting a PEO. Meet the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry experts who will be helping you.

We’re not stalkers.

Tell us to stop contacting you…. and we will. Anytime you decide that you are no longer interested in continuing your PEO evaluation process, just let us know and we will close your RFP and cease contacting you. We don’t want to waste your time… or ours. For more review our privacy policy.

We also take your data privacy seriously. Your information is not and never will be sold to any third parties....period. Please review our privacy policy or call us if you have concerns.

Identify your company’s needs and match with PEO capabilities

After your initial registration is created the StaffMarket requirements interview process guides you through identifying the core services and PEO capabilities that are important to your company.

Why we do it

PEOs come in all shapes and sizes. Determining what is important to your company provides the basis for determining your PEO “short-list”. In addition, each PEO has certain states and types of businesses they want as a client. There are hundreds of PEOs operating in the USA and our process helps you quickly narrow the list to only those PEOs who can deliver the services you require in your area.

How we do it

Our database contains detailed profiles for nearly all the PEOs in the USA. We track hundreds of data points on hundreds of PEOs. See our profiles page for en example of the types of PEO information we track. Our matching process uses this data to compare your needs with the capabilities of each PEO.

This determines your PEO “short-list”.


Review and approve your “short-list” of best fit PEOs

Why we do it

Filtering hundreds of PEOs to a qualified short list save you time and energy in your search. We target the best fit PEOs and only those few “short-list” PEOs are invited to prepare a proposal for your company.

How we do it

Once your PEO “short-list” is generated, our analyst will work with you to review the list and you will decide to invite or not each matching PEO to make a proposal. To make that decision, our staff will discuss each PEO in depth with you. For each PEO, we will review retention ratings, customer reviews, recent industry news, executive backgrounds, professional associations, current health insurance plans, licensing and auditing as well as any other questions or concerns you may have. Only with your explicit approval will any PEO be invited to prepare a proposal for your company. Once you have approved your “short-list” PEOs, the PEOs will be notified through our system and they will review your RFP and prepare their proposals.

Since 1999 we have helped over 18,000 companies evaluate their PEO options and we know the PEO marketplace.


Review proposals and evaluate pricing

Why we do it

A competitive bidding process ensures the best value for your company. Each PEO will prepare a proposal custom tailored to your company’s requirements and will include their pricing. Obtaining multiple quotes provides a baseline to compare alternate PEOs offerings and value.

How we do it

Upon request we will assist you, your controller or CPA evaluate the value of each PEO proposal. We have developed financial tools that make it easy to understand the various pricing components of each PEOs proposal.


Select your PEO

Once you have compared your PEO options it is easy to decide if joining a PEO is the right thing for your company. Every company has different objectives for joining a PEO and our staff is there to make sure yours get met.


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