What Kind of Companies Use a PEO? Companies Like Yours.

Small and medium sized businesses across the USA are using StaffMarket to assess the benefit of hiring a Professional Employer Organization to improve their efficiency and enhance the benefits for their workforce. Every company is unique in their needs and the PEO industry offers a wide range of services to fit their demands.

Why Companies Join a PEO

Some companies are motivated by the significant cost or worker’s compensation insurance which is on the rise in many states. For these clients, PEOs can offer workers’ compensation insurance at a significant cost reduction, with the advantage of assisting in safety programs that help reduce experience mod rates. Others are seeking to ensure regulatory compliance for employment related obligations in hiring and employee management. Some companies main focus is outsourcing non-revenue related tasks (like payroll and employment taxes) to a third party, thus freeing their management staff to focus on business objectives like revenue growth and product quality. Finally many companies need access to quality health insurance and expanded employee benefit programs. Furthermore, the implementation of the PPACA with all of its regulatory reporting demands, fines and penalties and financial impacts creates even more need for companies to partner with a PEO.

Here are just a few of the companies currently using StaffMarket to review their PEO options:

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This company raises existing roofs on commercial buildings. They do not ever get on a roof and 90% of their work is done on the ground but do periodically do work on scissor lifts inside of buildings. They currently utilize a Professional Employer Organization, but that Professional Employer Organization's state coverage is limited and is impacting the company's ability to do business. Most of their work has been done in FL, NJ, TX and IL but they are about to do a job in MA. All EEs reside in FL and will travel to projects. Projects generally run from 1 to 6 months. LRs, OSHA logs and safety program docs have been requested. I will be out of the office tomorrow, Friday and Monday. Please attempt to obtain these underwriting documents, along with any other documentation you need, directly from the company.

Commercial building construction general contractors
Florida - 12 employees

This company is a pharmacy with 2 locations in IA and looking to double in size in the next year. The owner is interested in Professional Employer Organization as a way to lower health care coverage, 401k admin and payroll processing. They currently provide BCBS coverage at 50% for EE only. The also offer a 401k and dental at 50%. They would like to add vision. They are also interested in the smallest amount of time in advance that they will be invoiced for payroll. Underwriting documentation has been requested and will be forwarded as received.

Drug stores
Iowa - 20 employees

This company is a start up franchisee of Window Genie, a company that provides window cleaning, pressure washing and gutter cleaning services. They expect to start with the owner and 2 additional EEs. There plan is to be around 4 EEs in 6 months and 8 in 12 months. This is a start up so no additional underwriting documentation has been requested.

Window cleaning services
Pennsylvania - 3 employees

This company is a painting contractor that has been utilizing 1099s but is now hiring W2s. His plan is to start with 3 EEs and have 8 - 10 EEs within 12 months. A W/Comp claims history affidavit is attache to this email.

Painting and wallpapering
Illinois - 3 employees

Company is a full-service cabinet shop. They do payroll in-house now, and would like to start offering benefits.

Cabinetry work performed at the construction site
New York - 12 employees

This company is a manufacturer's rep for data center, AV and security system cabling. Their primary issue is to access a large group medical program. There are 4 EEs, but 2 are husband and wife, and the wife was not listed on the attached census. They do not currently offer any health care coverage to their EEs.

Network systems integration design services, computer
North Carolina - 4 employees

This company is a painting and carpentry GC that utilizes subs for all the actual work. They currently employee clerical and outside sales EEs in FL, MD and NC. Their primary interest in utilizing Professional Employer Organization is to rid themselves of HR admin and make sure the comply by all state and federal regulations. They aren't looking for benefits at this time but they may in the future. A current W/C policy dec, LRs, recent payroll report and breakdown of EE count and gross payroll by state are attached to this RFP. They are declaring the following SUTA rates; FL = 0.1, MD = 0.3 and NC = 1.0. The contact is in the office today but won't be in the office tomorrow until after 2:00. But then again all day Monday. So please do what you can to establish contact quickly.

House painting
Florida - 11 employees

This company is a new US subsidiary of a UK based tech education company. They currently have 2 EEs in MN but are making offers to a new EE in CO and another in FL. They anticipate having 5 to 8 EEs within the next 12 months. The contact number listed on the RFP is his UK number but he is actually in the US for the next 10 days or so. They would like to mimic the benefits they currently provide in the UK so they will need major medical coverage, a 401k, dental, life and AD&D. Support for piecework was indicated but is really not needed. They are in need of job descriptions, employee handbooks and policy and procedures documentation.

Software publishers
Minnesota - 3 employees

Company is opening a new company that develops augmented reality software for various industries. All of the employees will be in Utah, except for one principal/owner that will be in Ohio.

Computer program or software development, custom
Utah - 7 employees

Company is a long haul trucking company with physical locations in all four states. They are interested in converting these independent contractors into employees.

Trucking, general freight, long-distance, truckload (TL)
Tennessee - 15 employees

This company is a multifamily real estate investment company which currently utilizes 3rd party management companies to manage their properties but is not investigating the feasibility to bringing the management back in house. They currently have properties in TX, NM and LA but could make additional acquisitions anywhere in the country. At this point, the contact is looking for high level cost estimates that he can use to evaluate the option of creating a new company entity to take over the management of the properties and employing the management employees and utilizing a Professional Employer Organization to administer those EEs. This new company has not yet been initiated so no Tax ID# or historical underwriting documentation exists. Costs will be a factor in his decision so he is looking for contingent quotes for basic Professional Employer Organization admin services along with group medical coverage.

Property managing, residential real estate
Texas - 45 employees

This company is a small waterproofing company that typically just has 2 employees but brings on 5 to 6 on larger jobs. Most of his contracts require a minimum of $1million in W/C coverage. LRs have been requested.

Caulking (i.e., waterproofing) contractors
Arizona - 2 employees

This company is a small consulting group that is primarily interested in a Professional Employer Organization's ability to lower their group health care coverage. A census, current plan summary, plan invoice, payroll report and LRs have all been requested but make sure you reiterate the need for this documentation in your initial contact.

Financial management consulting (except investment advice) services
Missouri - 3 employees

This company is a startup GC doing construction and redevelopment of residential properties.

Home construction organizations, work (sweat) equity
Florida - 3 employees

This is a small marketing firm that is looking to outsource the admin of all of their HR and benefits and also provide them with a replacement of their current group health care plan. With the exception of any PHQs, most other underwriting documentation has been requested and I will forward it on as received.

Marketing consulting services
Missouri - 6 employees

This company has only utilized 1099s in the past but now wants to add W2s. Consequently, they have never had any prior W/C coverage. Up until now, the company has worked as a residential remodeling contractor but they are now acquiring a stone surface fabricating operation.

Remodeling and renovating general contractors, residential
California - 7 employees

This company is a nonprofit that will be setting up a separate entity to work with local area contractors to train people on construction skills, and then supply those trained workers back to contractors for various construction projects.

Carpenters' apprenticeship training
Illinois - 10 employees

Company is an equine based occupational therapy organization. They are with a Professional Employer Organization now but the board is requesting they shop the marketplace. They would like to stay with an Anthem BCBS benefits plan. They currently carry their own workers comp, and would like to keep that in place. The next board meeting is on April 18th, so they would like to have some numbers by then.

Physical therapy offices (e.g., centers, clinics)
Indiana - 15 employees

Company is starting a new company as a safety shoe wholesaler. They plan to ramp up with 4 employees in mid-April, then expand to 10 employees by Q1, 2019. Your contact has used Professional Employer Organization's in the past at previous companies, so they are familiar with the relationship.

Shoes merchant wholesalers
Georgia - 4 employees

This company provides waterproofing, sump pump system installation and repairs and general crawl space repairs. They have been told by other business owners the benefits of utilizing a Professional Employer Organization so they are interested in receiving quotes. They specifically mentioned the possibility of reducing W/C costs and adding a group health care plan. They do not currently offer any health care coverage but they do want to add it. LRs, current W/C dec, census, payroll report and SUTA rate have all been requested and will be forwarded on to you once received.

Plumbing and heating contractors
Utah - 10 employees

This is the principal campaign committee for US Congresswoman in WA. She is hiring one employee to work in Washington DC so we'd like to set him up through a Professional Employer Organization organization.

Campaign organizations, political
Washington - 1 employees

Small law firm looking for benefits.

Law offices
Florida - 2 employees

Company is an Alabama LLC that has two (2) members; no other salaried employees or members. The two present members are married to each other. They would like access to family health insurance products.

Law firms
Alabama - 2 employees

Company is the director of a renewable fuels association.

Business associations
Nebraska - 1 employees

Company is husband and wife team running an independent financial advisory practice, primarily looking for benefits.

Financial investment advice services, customized, fees paid by client
North Carolina - 2 employees

Company is a tech startup that is developing artificial intelligence and data-driven platforms for reef conservation. They have one employee now, and plan on bringing on two current contractors once they get payroll set up.

Computer programming services, custom
Florida - 3 employees

Residential contractor looking for the most basic workers comp and payroll.

Finish carpentry
Florida - 4 employees

Family owned carpet sales and installation company. Looking for workers comp, payroll, and benefits.

Carpet stores
New Jersey - 2 employees

This company was recently pitched by a Professional Employer Organization rep and is now interested in obtaining at least one more competitive quote. This company is a manufacturer of folding cartons and air filter frames - they buy paperboard and convert it via printing, die cutting, and folding/gluing. Their growth is up significantly over the past 2 years but face capacity and hiring constraints. They believe their EEs are critical to their success and want to treat them right. They currently offer Anthem coverage which renews in May, but they are not looking for the Professional Employer Organization to quote their group medical at this point. If you feel you have particularly competitive group medical rates at this point, you may want to push to include medical rates in your proposal. An OH BWC release form has been provided to the contact to sign and return. They do have 2 EEs that live in KY but work at the OH facility. And they have one EE that is outside sales in MI and works out of his home.

Paperboard (e.g., can/drum stock, container board, corrugating medium, folding carton stock, linerboard, tube) manufacturing
Ohio - 22 employees

Company is a commercial drywall contractor. They use a Professional Employer Organization now, but say their rates have been creeping up.

Drywall contractors
New York - 12 employees

This is a small mergers and acquisitions group with no W2 EEs, only partners. They are interested in finding a Professional Employer Organization that can furnish 4 partners with major medical and 1 with a medicaid supplemental. They don't run payroll or carry W/C. 2 are currently on COBRA which expires the end of June. A census has been requested.

Investment banking
Texas - 5 employees

Company is a new company that will be wholesaling ornamental lighting fixtures.

Chandeliers, residential, manufacturing
Georgia - 4 employees

Company revenue enhancement programs to Non-Profit organizations. They are primarily looking for ways to reduce our costs for healthcare as well as offer dental and vision which is currently not available.

Sales management consulting services
New Jersey - 5 employees

Company is non-profit with a mission of Ending Abortion in St. Louis. They want to start offering benefits, but are afraid the costs may prohibitive.

Educational support services
Missouri - 24 employees

This is a franchised locksmith based in Seattle that started operations just one year ago and has been utilizing a Professional Employer Organization that the franchisor has recommended but is not providing adequate service. They currently have 3 EEs but are seeing good growth and expect to add 2 more techs fairly soon. They do require certified payroll and due to being in the security industry, they must properly vet all their EEs and they are looking for a Professional Employer Organization that can help them with this. They do not currently offer any med benefits but are hoping to do so soon. Please make sure you review their list of service requirements on the RFP. They would like to convert Jan 1st. I have requested the contact to obtain LR reports.

Locksmith services with or without sales of locking devices, safes, and security vaults
Washington - 3 employees

Company is starting a new company that offers industrial services and repairs. Their first contract out for bid is for conveyor maintenance, and should last about 3 weeks. Payroll is based off them hiring union employees at $54.40/hour.

Motor repair and maintenance services, commercial or industrial
Illinois - 12 employees

Company is a start up that will include three separate companies. One is a freight broker, one is warehousing, and the third is trucking. They plan to go live mid-December.

General freight trucking, local
Washington - 62 employees

Company provides written translation, and recording services. They are with a Professional Employer Organization now, but are having service issues specifically related to HR inquiries, and benefits. Please email first to set up a call.

Interpretation services, language
Oregon - 7 employees

Company is an air ambulance service that is in desperate need of HR support. If workers comp coverage is a challenge, I know they will entertain an ASO model, keeping their current policy in place. If you quote background checks and drug testing, your vendor must be approved by the FAA. Also, CAMTS-Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems knowledge is a definite plus.

Air ambulance services
Texas - 59 employees

This company is an assisted living facility based in NH that is looking to either reduce their current group medical rates or improve the coverage with like rates. They are currently utilizing a Harvard Medical HMO. A good deal of underwriting documentation has been collected and will be supplied in a separate em as requested.

Assisted-living facilities with on-site nursing facilities
New Hampshire - 178 employees

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