What Kind of Companies Use a PEO? Companies Like Yours.

Small and medium sized businesses across the USA are using StaffMarket to assess the benefit of hiring a Professional Employer Organization to improve their efficiency and enhance the benefits for their workforce. Every company is unique in their needs and the PEO industry offers a wide range of services to fit their demands.

Why Companies Join a PEO

Some companies are motivated by the significant cost or worker’s compensation insurance which is on the rise in many states. For these clients, PEOs can offer workers’ compensation insurance at a significant cost reduction, with the advantage of assisting in safety programs that help reduce experience mod rates. Others are seeking to ensure regulatory compliance for employment related obligations in hiring and employee management. Some companies main focus is outsourcing non-revenue related tasks (like payroll and employment taxes) to a third party, thus freeing their management staff to focus on business objectives like revenue growth and product quality. Finally many companies need access to quality health insurance and expanded employee benefit programs. Furthermore, the implementation of the PPACA with all of its regulatory reporting demands, fines and penalties and financial impacts creates even more need for companies to partner with a PEO.

Here are just a few of the companies currently using StaffMarket to review their PEO options:

Also check out companies in the major industries StaffMarket has found solutions for.

This is a home health agency that is interested in looking at Professional Employer Organization as an option to help with HR admin and eliminate W/Comp audits. They are also interested in new EE onboarding and EE qualifications tracking.

Home health care agencies
Florida - 38 employees

Health care staffing company looking to expand into multiple new states and would like a Professional Employer Organization to support this growth

Temporary staffing services
California - 47 employees

This company runs a medical - practice in the New Orleans LA area and is seeking Professional Employer Organization services and access to a group health plan. A census of the group is available on the RFP.

Mental health physicians' offices (e.g., centers, clinics)
Louisiana - 6 employees

This company is a medical practice that is currently utilizing a Professional Employer Organization but is now shopping for a new Professional Employer Organization with better health care coverage rates. All of the underwriting documents that I received were sent in a single PDF so they are attached to this RFP under the link "Additional Information". Please shoot an intro email as soon as possible to request time to schedule your initial phone consult. I will be out of the office until Tuesday, July 19, so request any additional items you may require directly from the company. If needed, you can text me at 941-539-0867

Physicians' (except mental health) offices (e.g., centers, clinics)
Texas - 9 employees

This company is actually a small town in TX that is looking into Professional Employer Organization as a way to reduce their their health care costs. They do employ law enforcement so I'm figuring they will need to maintain their own W/C coverage. They have a board meeting coming up on the 16th I believe, so she's wanting as much info as possible for that meeting. I have a good amount of underwriting docs and I will supply those to you in a separate email.

City and town managers' offices
Texas - 43 employees

This client does underground utility repair for small municipalities in Florida. According to the owner they only repair water and sewer lines - they do not perform electrical conduit repair. He has been in business over 27 years and states they have never had a WC claim.

Utility line (i.e., sewer, water), construction
Florida - 3 employees

This company is a consulting company that provides project management services to banks, insurance companies and others professional groups. All employees are working remotely in New Hampshire and Vermont mainly. Payroll, health insurance and 401K plan access are primary drivers for them. A benefits census is available however it does not yet include information on all of the dependents since those with families all have children 4 to 6 years old. They currently have an HRA plan in use to provide health benefits to their group.

Engineering consulting services
Vermont - 7 employees

This company is a health care staffing company in business for 6 years that provides staffing and VA outpatient services. Their HQ and main operations are in California and they are expanding in to Arizona, New Mexico and Florida. They are primarily interested in payroll, HR and work comp coverage and they also want to learn more know about your health insurance options as well.

Temporary staffing services
California - 15 employees

This company is two partners with significant staffing experience, that have been doing direct employee placement for the last year and is now wanting to get started in staffing. Their staffing focus will be on clerical, finance & accounting, management and skilled trades. They already have clients lined up and just needing W/C coverage to proceed. Resumes of the two principles are attached along with a their business plan and proposal and some initial placement estimates.

Temporary staffing services
California - 12 employees

This is residential painting company that is currently utilizing ADP and is not happy with their service. They are now looking into Professional Employer Organization as a way to centralize and possibly save money on health care coverage. This company is being brought in by a 3rd party broker so make sure all contact is down through the broker. There are several underwriting docs that will be sent to you by email.

House painting
Florida - 12 employees

This company is a company that does water and mold clean up services in South Carolina. They sometimes travel out of state to Texas, Louisiana and Florida after hurricanes or other storm related disasters. They are interested in health insurance however we do not yet have a completed group benefits census. The RFP has a copy of there current WC Dec Page attached.

Site remediation services
South Carolina - 6 employees

This company is a new entity that will be based in Greenville, TX. It will be a manufacturing facility taking chemicals (potassium and sodium chloride) from railcars, processing it into food-grade and pharmaceutical products. The contact is a company principal who has years of success in building industrial manufacturing facilities. They plan to be fully staffed by August 2022 and will be seeking health insurance coverage at that time. Due to that, no census is currently available. More info is at this link: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/kingsbarn-and-fusible-innovations-form-new-operating-joint-venture-to-produce-industrial-grade-chemical-products-301333512.html

Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant construction
Texas - 13 employees

This company is a good sized excavation operation and they are seeking access to a health insurance plan for their employees. A benefits census for the group is available at the StaffMarket.com website. Contact us if you have any questions about this account.

Excavation contractors
New Hampshire - 29 employees

This company is a manufacturer of ammunition that is marketed and sold online. An ACORD and LRs are attached. This company if being brought in by a 3rd party broker so refer all questions and requests to him.

Small arms ammunition (i.e., 30 mm. or less, 1.18 inch or less) manufacturing
Florida - 12 employees

This company is new start up landscaping contractor so the entity does not have any WC experience rating. The owner has been in the business for 30 years and has indicated that none of the his prior companies have had any WC claims. Access to health insurance is not a requirement for this company.

Landscape care and maintenance services
Oklahoma - 5 employees

This client is a home builder in the Florida Keys - Monroe County. Owner wants to convert 1099s to FTEs. Owners says they have never had a WC claim. They want to get started soon.

Custom builders (except for-sale), single-family home
Florida - 5 employees

This is a brand new start up that is an operator of a robotic system to clean high rise windows. The entire premise of the company is based on safety by keeping the employees not only off the sides of the building but also isolated away from the roofs edge. The founder has a lot of past success in creating and building successful large businesses and he thinks this one has the potential to be his largest yet. They will start in FL and he already has huge interest from building owners and operators around the state that currently can't find vendors with adequate staff. They will start day 1 with 2 employee/operators each making $100,000/year. His estimate, which he said will sound high but he is fairly confident in, is to grow to 20 operator EEs by month 6, 40 operator EEs by 12 months and 120 operator EEs in 2 years with an estimated total gross payroll of $12mil. In addition they will start to add 200-400k executives and productions/operations EEs. This is a startup so no historical W/C coverage docs are available. I do have additional media that will help to better describe their operations. They do need to move quickly as a lot of time was lost trying to obtain traditional W/C coverage.

Window cleaning services
Florida - 2 employees

This company runs an oil field service business in Oklahoma. No seismic mapping or drilling is involved. Is interested primarily in WC coverage but the owners says they have never had a claim.

Oil and gas field services (except contract drilling, site preparation and related construction contractor activities) on a contract basis
Oklahoma - 10 employees

Company is a 501 (c)(3) S Corp founded 4/17/2013 Payroll is bi-weekly NAICS = 813212 Administrative work only, limited travel for fundraising purposes

Health research fundraising organizations
Georgia - 7 employees

This company runs a large cattle ranch in Eastern Oregon. As you may expect Work Comp is the major driver for this client. Per the client: Until 2022 were sheep, cattle, and hay farming. Beginning in 2022 will be cattle and hay farming only. According to NCCI our codes should be 0037, 0083, 8810, and 8989. All employees switch between jobs or classes. We report on Excel. Our WC carrier added codes they should not have added according to NCCI. We have a high experience modification due to one 80+ year old woman who has worked at the ranch since 1959. We have restricted her work. We do no work off the fee simple ranch property starting in 2021. The ranch is 52,500 acres of fee simple, contiguous land owned by me. Some employees are salary and some time clock. We pay weekly starting recently for WC reporting purposes. We have health insurance and two employees have dental insurance.

Beef cattle ranching or farming
Oregon - 9 employees

This company is a non-profit that provides grief counseling services. They are seeking access to a group health insurance plans. A benefit census is available on your RFP dashboard.

Charitable trusts, awarding grants
Nebraska - 7 employees

This company does residential building and remodeling in the suburban Minneapolis area. They do not do roofing. They are seeking access to a health insurance plan and a benefit census will be forthcoming.

Custom builders (except for-sale), single-family home
Minnesota - 14 employees

Company is a landscaping company that is using a Professional Employer Organization now, but feel they should be getting better service for what they are paying. They are interested in how they can offer benefits for a couple of the office personnel. Loss runs, and a recent payroll report have been requested.

Landscaping services (except planning)
California - 18 employees

Company is a GC in Texas that is growing. To support this growth, they want to see how a Professional Employer Organization can help with HR, benefits, and employee administration. Loss runs, and a benefits census are attached.

Commercial building construction general contractors
Texas - 17 employees

Company is a restaurant that has been in business for about 15 years. Employee retention and attraction are important items to them and feel perhaps some kind of a health plan would be a good way to go. Also maybe a 401K plan as well. HR is an issue as well.

Full service restaurants
Ohio - 35 employees

Company is a non-profit that provides rehab support services to people with substance abuse or behavioral health issues. They are in a rebuilding phase post pandemic and want to see how outsourcing can help with employee administration. They are fine with carving out the workers comp if it makes sense. Please send an initial email as contact to set up a call.

Substance abuse prevention advocacy organizations
Ohio - 42 employees

Company is a new staffing agency that has been awarded a contract from a local gov't agency. 10ee's for a year doing community outreach. A loss affidavit has been requested.

Temporary staffing services
Pennsylvania - 12 employees

Company is an investment firm that uses a Professional Employer Organization now. However, they feel they don't really need all the additional services they are paying for. Please make initial contact via email to establish a call.

Investment management
Colorado - 5 employees

Thousands of companies have joined a PEO. Let's find the best one for you.