What Kind of Companies Use a PEO? Companies Like Yours.

Small and medium sized businesses across the USA are using StaffMarket to assess the benefit of hiring a Professional Employer Organization to improve their efficiency and enhance the benefits for their workforce. Every company is unique in their needs and the PEO industry offers a wide range of services to fit their demands.

Why Companies Join a PEO

Some companies are motivated by the significant cost or worker’s compensation insurance which is on the rise in many states. For these clients, PEOs can offer workers’ compensation insurance at a significant cost reduction, with the advantage of assisting in safety programs that help reduce experience mod rates. Others are seeking to ensure regulatory compliance for employment related obligations in hiring and employee management. Some companies main focus is outsourcing non-revenue related tasks (like payroll and employment taxes) to a third party, thus freeing their management staff to focus on business objectives like revenue growth and product quality. Finally many companies need access to quality health insurance and expanded employee benefit programs. Furthermore, the implementation of the PPACA with all of its regulatory reporting demands, fines and penalties and financial impacts creates even more need for companies to partner with a PEO.

Here are just a few of the companies currently using StaffMarket to review their PEO options:

Also check out companies in the major industries StaffMarket has found solutions for.

This company is a staffing company that provides workers for medical operations throughout the USA. They have a history of no WC claims and have been using a Professional Employer Organization but are looking to make a change.

Freestanding emergency medical centers and clinics
Georgia - 20 employees

This company is a law firm for Home Owners Associations for single family home, townhome, apartment communities. This opportunity is being represented by one of our affiliate brokers. Please contact him directly for more information about this account. If you have pricing or other concerns, contact Jim at StaffMarket at 941-281-4110 or via email at jim@staffmarket.com. The payroll values on this account were in error but have now been corrected.

Law firms
Florida - 6 employees

The is an non-profit organization that represents the business, clinical, industry interests of Veterinarians. They provide education and lobbying services on behalf of their membership. This client is working with one of member brokers so please contact him if you have any questions or concerns.

Trade associations
Florida - 13 employees

This company is a community based non-profit organization in the Seattle area. They are seeking HR - Payroll and health insurance coverage however many of their part time employees are not eligible for medical coverage. A benefits census is attached to the RFP. They have existed since 1980 and are financed mostly through donations.

Civic associations
Washington - 67 employees

This is a family owned company that builds and sells medical equipment for chiropractors. They have no WC loss history and are seeking access to Group health insurance through BCBS or United. They also want 401K plan access.

Medical equipment (except home health furniture and equipment) rental or leasing
Oklahoma - 5 employees

This company does heating and AC work including plumbing in Ohio. They are currently with a Professional Employer Organization and are unhappy with recent price increases. They want health insurance coverage and have coverage now with Cigna. They prefer BCBS. We will let you know when a group census is available.

Plumbing and heating contractors
Ohio - 7 employees

This new company is a pipeline servicing company that is being spun off as a new entity from Williams. This will be considered a startup and no LRs have been requested. They did complete a Loss History affidavit and it is attached this RFP. This operation has been bought and sold many times over the last several years to as a way to help mitigate this new upheaval the new owner wants to use a Professional Employer Organization and he requires the new Professional Employer Organization to be able to supply large group United HC plan coverage options on par to their current coverage through Williams. Those plans summaries are attached to this RFP. A benefits census is currently being worked on and it will be provided to you as soon as it is received. They are looking for a Jan 1st start but they want to start their evaluation process ASAP. In addition to ND they will also have one EE in WY. They will also periodically use 1099 contractors and it would be helpful to them if their new Professional Employer Organization could assist in patrolling these contractors. The owner would like you to first introduce yourself via email and request a time to schedule your initial phone conversation. If you can, include your United plan desriptons you offer in ND on the email so that you can discuss during that initial call. Below are some additional notes from the contacts assistant.: *We are a petrochemical measurement and analytical laboratory based in Williston, ND. We currently have 19 employees; four of us work in the lab, two work from home (office staff), and thirteen employees are in the field taking samples, measuring oil flow, and calibrating gas meters. We expect to hire up to 6 more field technicians before the end of 2023. Right now, all of us are covered under the ND workers comp code 1320A. *Estimated employee count on January 1, 2024 is 25 with a total gross payroll of $3.3 million. For now, we can keep the workers comp code at 1320A for everyone. Our two home office staff will not need that level of coverage, but we can separate that out

Pipeline inspection (i.e., visual) services
North Dakota - 25 employees

This company is a new staffing entity and the owner has formerly been the HR manager of a staffing company that is being dissolved and she is starting a new staffing company. They will have over 100 employees in NE Arkansas and they work in Industrial Manufacturing and Steel Mills. Mostly in NE Arkansas and some in Alabama.

Temporary staffing services
Arkansas - 100 employees

This company is opening 2 day care facilities in a county in central Kansas. The contact has experience in HR and is on the county economic development board of directors. They are also interested in staffing recruitment and they will be opening the facilities in September of 2023. After they put on staff they are interested in access to a group health plan and 401K. BCBS is their preferred carrier.

Child day care centers
Kansas - 13 employees

This company is a fairly large landscaping business operating throughout Central Florida. They have a history of no WC losses. They are also seeking assistance with payroll work comp and worker recruitment. I think the recent legal changes in Florida with E-Verify requirements will be important for them. A loss history will be forthcoming. The contact person at this company is the head administrator and accountant.

Landscaping services (except planning)
Florida - 30 employees

This company is family owned and does storm damage inspections and assessments for commercial and residential building owners. They are restoration consultants and do not do the roofing, they work with the client to navigate the insurance claim process and arrange for subcontractors to repair the damages. They are primarily in Colorado.

Building inspection services
Colorado - 5 employees

This company is a good sized roofing contractor in NY and PA. They have had WC coverage through the NY state Insurance Fund and have had no claims from 1-2-2019 through 12-32-2022. A statement is attached to the RFP. Owner has 20+ years experience in the industry.

Temporary staffing services
New York - 15 employees

This is a company in Kansas, outside of KC that does window restoration including removal, re-glazing and reinstallation. They have done many historic properties in Kansas, Missouri and a few in Nebraska. It is family owned and the owner is working with his son and others. They have a history of no work comp claims. Health insurance is not a need since they all the ees are covered under their spouses plans.

Window, wood, installation
Kansas - 5 employees

This client wants 3 things: 1. Large group healthcare policy under NY state laws 2. Activation for June 1st of health and payroll (if possible) 3. Ability to start with 1-2 team members and grow to 50 by end of year

Counseling services, family planning
New York - 2 employees

This client is a start up company that mines and provides sand for oil drilling and fracking operators in Wyoming and Colorado. Operations are in southern Wyoming and the owner is based in the Denver area. They are seeking HR, Work Comp and health insurance. They contract out most of the sand transport services so not much trucking exposure on the work comp.

Common sand quarrying and/or beneficiating
Colorado - 5 employees

This account is a technology consulting company that has been in business for many years. They primarily are interested in HR support and maybe also some recruiting assistance. Contact is the CEO.

Systems integration design consulting services, computer
New York - 5 employees

This company operates cranes in Santa Barbara County. They do not transport cranes only perform crane operations. Owner has been in business since 2007 and say they have never had a WC claim.

Crane rental with operator
California - 2 employees

This company provides in-home child care throughout Florida. The contact on this account is a P&C agent who has assisted them previously with obtaining WC coverage. They are primarily interested in payroll and workers comp insurance. According to the agent they have not had any claims.

Households, private, employing domestic personnel
New York - 60 employees

This company runs home companion services and has 2 separate entities. For her employees she is seeking a Professional Employer Organization model and for the other entity she is interested in an ASO service model. She wants a more modernized method of collecting and reporting work time and other HR support technology.

Companion services for disabled persons, the elderly, and persons diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities
New York - 26 employees

This company is seeking access to payroll, work comp and health insurance. They operate a bowling alley with a small bar and restaurant. A census is attached to the RFP. It is a very nice establishment.

Bowling alleys
West Virginia - 5 employees

This client is based in Louisiana and they formed an LLC are doing premium audits from their home office. Client is seeking access to Long term and short term disability and other benefits.

Auditors' (i.e., CPAs) offices, accounts
Louisiana - 1 employees

This company is a health information service company. They collect medical specimens and perform health assessments for life insurance exams, toxicology studies, DNA studies and medical laboratory tests. The information provided by these assessments are then used in life insurance medical underwriting, legal procedures, DNA studies, employment and general heath evaluations. The lab is located in Anchorage and is looking to engage a Professional Employer Organization primarily for HC coverage.

Health screening services (except by offices of health practitioners)
Alaska - 13 employees

This client is seeking payroll and work comp for 9 ees who provide private bus and other transport service throughout Florida. They specialize in all types of local and long distance charters.

Bus charter services (except scenic, sightseeing)
Florida - 9 employees

This company is a medical billing company that is based in NM, but doesn't actually have any EEs in NM. 6 EEs are based in Orange County, CA and the rest are scattered around various states and work from home. They have never really had HR admin and the want to add benefits including health care coverage. The contact is located in Orange County. I have collected a census but since they are only providing extra funds to their EEs to obtain their own coverage, no current plan is in place. I have also requested LRs and their current W/Comp dec.

Billing services
New Mexico - 14 employees

This company is a Home Based primary care Practice that provides care in our office, assisted living and private homes. They also own a hospice. They have used a Professional Employer Organization in the past but was talked into moving to an ASO and setting up a self funded health care insurance plan that has not worked out well. They are now looking to move back to a full service Professional Employer Organization but they will only consider United for their network. Do not contact this company until you and I have had a chance to discuss this company in more detail on the phone. My mobile is 941-539-0867

Family physicians' offices (e.g., centers, clinics)
Colorado - 178 employees

This company is currently using Trinet and is not happy with the service level. They were pushed by Trinet to use EINs to separate the groups for health insurance coverage. A benefits census is available on the RFP screen. This is a really nice account. See their website for more details.

Powders, baking, manufacturing
Arizona - 64 employees

This is a small company that does Roofing & Roof repairs, painting,(Drywall Install- repair), Pressure Washing, carpentry, Gutters, Home Maintenance, Waste Junk, Bldg. Materials & Debris (Remove & Haul), Chain Link/Wood Fence Repair - Weatherstripping. No loss information is available yet.

Trim and finish carpentry contractors
Florida - 3 employees

This company does chicken coop construction for large companies like Tyson foods in AR, KY, OK, TN. They wants to get moving soon and of course wants a cert for their clients.

Warehouse construction (e.g., commercial, industrial, manufacturing, private)
Arkansas - 4 employees

This is a fairly large company that does residential and commercial roofing in the Los Angeles CA area. They have over 40 years of experience.

Roofing contractors
California - 5 employees

This is a start up company roofing contractor who does 90% residential tear off and replacement, 5% commercial and government and 5% general contracting. Florida only. The owner has over 35 years experience in the industry. They do not do any hot tar work. They would like to get started in January 2023.

Roof truss (wood) installation
Florida - 10 employees

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