What Kind of Companies Use a PEO? Companies Like Yours.

Small and medium sized businesses across the USA are using StaffMarket to assess the benefit of hiring a Professional Employer Organization to improve their efficiency and enhance the benefits for their workforce. Every company is unique in their needs and the PEO industry offers a wide range of services to fit their demands.

Why Companies Join a PEO

Some companies are motivated by the significant cost or worker’s compensation insurance which is on the rise in many states. For these clients, PEOs can offer workers’ compensation insurance at a significant cost reduction, with the advantage of assisting in safety programs that help reduce experience mod rates. Others are seeking to ensure regulatory compliance for employment related obligations in hiring and employee management. Some companies main focus is outsourcing non-revenue related tasks (like payroll and employment taxes) to a third party, thus freeing their management staff to focus on business objectives like revenue growth and product quality. Finally many companies need access to quality health insurance and expanded employee benefit programs. Furthermore, the implementation of the PPACA with all of its regulatory reporting demands, fines and penalties and financial impacts creates even more need for companies to partner with a PEO.

Here are just a few of the companies currently using StaffMarket to review their PEO options:

Also check out companies in the major industries StaffMarket has found solutions for.

Company is the director of a renewable fuels association.

Business associations
Nebraska - 1 employees

Company is a small law office that would like to start offering benefits.

Law firms
Georgia - 5 employees

New Trucking Transportation Company, within 800 Miles in GA,LA,FL,AL,MS

Container trucking services, long-distance (TL)
Georgia - 2 employees

Electrical contractor looking for basic workers comp and payroll.

Electrical contractors
Georgia - 1 employees

Company has purchased an established hot rod/auto repair business. They are initially interested in just payroll and workers comp, but will want to look at benefits in the future.

General automotive repair shops
Utah - 10 employees

This company is a restaurant that originally came to us seeking a Professional Employer Organization to help them with expertise in CA specific HR admin. One of the partners is an attorney and he is looking for ways to mitigate their employer risk exposure. But they also offer a BCBS plan of which they pay $150/EE and they would be interested if a Professional Employer Organization can bring a better rate or coverage option. They collect time and attendance on their Aloha POS and send a report to their payroll provider, Heartland. The contact on this RFP is the office manager and she works 7:00 to 2:00. I have quite a bit of underwriting documentation so instead of attaching it all to this RFP, I will send it in a separate email. Please make sure you have the partners scheduled in on your proposal.

Full service restaurants
California - 57 employees

Company is a franchisee of national staffing agency. They are primarily looking for better benefits for their key internal employees. All of the temp employees they place have payroll and workers comp handled by the corporate franchisor.

Employment agencies
Kentucky - 3 employees

This company is a contract data management company that typically brings on 1099s. However, the company now has a few contractors that want to work as W2s so the company is looking into Professional Employer Organization as a way to manage them. No benefits are being considered at this time. They aren't sure of the number of W2s yet but suspect between 2 and 5. Average salary will be around $100,000/yr. They company has been in business for several years but has never had any W2 EEs, therefore they have never had any W/C coverage. All work will be performed in Washington D.C.

Computer systems integration analysis and design services
Virginia - 3 employees

Company is starting a medical staffing agency. He is familiar with the EOR model, and would be interested in that quote, as long as their is a potential future transition over to the Professional Employer Organization.

Temporary staffing services
Arizona - 20 employees

Company is husband and wife team running an independent financial advisory practice, primarily looking for benefits.

Financial investment advice services, customized, fees paid by client
North Carolina - 2 employees

Company is a tech startup that is developing artificial intelligence and data-driven platforms for reef conservation. They have one employee now, and plan on bringing on two current contractors once they get payroll set up.

Computer programming services, custom
Florida - 3 employees

This is a new US location for a UK based company. They will start with 2 EEs and will add 2 more in the next 3 months. One will be in Charlotte, one in Philadelphia and 1 or 2 in NYC. They need coverage for the first 2 EEs by March 1st. A census is attached. Due to the time difference, I'd advise reaching out with an email ASAP to schedule time for a call early tomorrow morning.

Marketing consulting services
North Carolina - 2 employees

Family owned carpet sales and installation company. Looking for workers comp, payroll, and benefits.

Carpet stores
New Jersey - 2 employees

Company is a moving and storage company that caters to the elderly population.

Private warehousing and storage, general merchandise
Florida - 5 employees

This company is a non-profit member based association that promotes adult swimming through their Masters Swimming Program. They are currently utilizing a Professional Employer Organization but their service has deteriorated so much that they are now wanting to make a change to a new Professional Employer Organization. Underwriting documentation is attached to this RFP.

Professional associations
Florida - 16 employees

This company was recently pitched by a Professional Employer Organization rep and is now interested in obtaining at least one more competitive quote. This company is a manufacturer of folding cartons and air filter frames - they buy paperboard and convert it via printing, die cutting, and folding/gluing. Their growth is up significantly over the past 2 years but face capacity and hiring constraints. They believe their EEs are critical to their success and want to treat them right. They currently offer Anthem coverage which renews in May, but they are not looking for the Professional Employer Organization to quote their group medical at this point. If you feel you have particularly competitive group medical rates at this point, you may want to push to include medical rates in your proposal. An OH BWC release form has been provided to the contact to sign and return. They do have 2 EEs that live in KY but work at the OH facility. And they have one EE that is outside sales in MI and works out of his home.

Paperboard (e.g., can/drum stock, container board, corrugating medium, folding carton stock, linerboard, tube) manufacturing
Ohio - 22 employees

Company is a janitorial service looking for basic workers comp, and payroll.

Janitorial services
Tennessee - 15 employees

This company provides freight transportation services to customers around Northern California and Nevada. The drivers do not touch freight and merely drop the container loads and hook up to a new load. They annually keep their compliance in accordance with Federal and CA labor laws and adhere to all regulations as required for our CA corporation. They currently utilize a FL based Professional Employer Organization but are looking for a lower-cost and high quality Professional Employer Organization/workers comp insurance provider. They currently offer a 401k but not through their current Professional Employer Organization. You may want to discuss options for taking over the 401k. LRs, a current payroll run report and ACORD have all been requested. If you have a trucking supplemental questionnaire that will need to be completed, please send a copy to me and I will assist in getting it completed for you.

Container trucking services, local
California - 16 employees

Company is a residential electrical contractor. Recent growth is driving their need for workers comp, and payroll.

South Carolina - 7 employees

Company is a commercial drywall contractor. They use a Professional Employer Organization now, but say their rates have been creeping up.

Drywall contractors
New York - 12 employees

Company is start up staffing service that provides temp to hire employees for manufacturing and aerospace companies. These positions will mostly be skilled labor with highly trained personnel.

Temporary staffing services
California - 25 employees

This is a small mergers and acquisitions group with no W2 EEs, only partners. They are interested in finding a Professional Employer Organization that can furnish 4 partners with major medical and 1 with a medicaid supplemental. They don't run payroll or carry W/C. 2 are currently on COBRA which expires the end of June. A census has been requested.

Investment banking
Texas - 5 employees

Company is a new company that will be wholesaling ornamental lighting fixtures.

Chandeliers, residential, manufacturing
Georgia - 4 employees

Company installs solar panels in UT, and Az. They need workers comp and payroll.

Solar heating equipment installation
Utah - 18 employees

This company provides multimedia systems for educational, healthcare and corporate clients. They currently utilize a Professional Employer Organization but their invoices are not intuitive and they suspect they are paying very high administration fees. The contact is a contracted, part time accountant that is only in the office on Tues and Fri. The heath care carrier that is provided to them through the Professional Employer Organization is United, and their renewal is in May. They would like to keep the fact that they are shopping for a new Professional Employer Organization a secret from their current Professional Employer Organization, so I've had them complete a W/Comp claims history affidavit as a stop gap. That form is currently attached to this RFP. Other medical underwriting documentation has been requested and will be forwarded on to you as received. I would advise initially sending an email introduction with a goal of having a phone conversation when the contact is back in the office this Friday.

Electrical wiring contractors
California - 10 employees

Company revenue enhancement programs to Non-Profit organizations. They are primarily looking for ways to reduce our costs for healthcare as well as offer dental and vision which is currently not available.

Sales management consulting services
New Jersey - 5 employees

This is a very small construction company that has only kept a couple of employees on for the last several months, so they don't have any current W/Comp coverage in place. However, they are now bidding and winning contracts in TX for primarily land clearing services. These contracts are to perform land clearing, some dirt moving, mulching and setting up fences along pipelines and some rigs. They expect most of the contract in TX but also anticipate contracts in OK and LA as well. They have won their first contract in TX which will require about 5 EEs. But they expect to win a couple more which they said will take them to about 40 EEs over the next 30 to 60 days. The average pay will be $20/hr. I would typically request LRs, current W/C declaration and payroll run summary but none of those are applicable in this situation. The company will not be paying for any benefits but they would like a Professional Employer Organization that can at least offer the individual to purchase some kind of coverage.

Land clearing
Louisiana - 42 employees

This is a tree trimming service that is currently utilizing a Professional Employer Organization, but is no longer happy with that Professional Employer Organization and now wanting to make a change. A recent billing report from their current Professional Employer Organization and LRs are attached.

Tree pruning services
Georgia - 4 employees

Company is non-profit with a mission of Ending Abortion in St. Louis. They want to start offering benefits, but are afraid the costs may prohibitive.

Educational support services
Missouri - 24 employees

This is a franchised locksmith based in Seattle that started operations just one year ago and has been utilizing a Professional Employer Organization that the franchisor has recommended but is not providing adequate service. They currently have 3 EEs but are seeing good growth and expect to add 2 more techs fairly soon. They do require certified payroll and due to being in the security industry, they must properly vet all their EEs and they are looking for a Professional Employer Organization that can help them with this. They do not currently offer any med benefits but are hoping to do so soon. Please make sure you review their list of service requirements on the RFP. They would like to convert Jan 1st. I have requested the contact to obtain LR reports.

Locksmith services with or without sales of locking devices, safes, and security vaults
Washington - 3 employees

This new company is an olive tree farm in GA. They have operated for almost 37 years but have always contracted out work or utilized 1099s. They are now about to hire 10 EEs and need payroll, W/C and HR admin services. They also suspect that they will need help with supplying benefits down the road. They have never had any W/C coverage so no LRs or dec are available. The contact is a CPA and her name is pronounced Sandreen. She told me that each EE will average about $55,000/yr.

Oilseed farming (except soybean), field and seed production
Georgia - 10 employees

Company is starting a new company that offers industrial services and repairs. Their first contract out for bid is for conveyor maintenance, and should last about 3 weeks. Payroll is based off them hiring union employees at $54.40/hour.

Motor repair and maintenance services, commercial or industrial
Illinois - 12 employees

This company is a no-profit advocacy group that is in need of outsourced HR admin help. Their needs are all over the board and seem like a perfect fit for a Professional Employer Organization. They currently utilize BCBS coverage and some current plan documentation is attached along with a census. Of course, these guys are in a hurry. The contact person is their newly hired CFO

Social change advocacy organizations
Louisiana - 19 employees

This company is an automotive and light truck repair garage with exception to glass-alignment-welding and body work. They have used a Professional Employer Organization in the past and now want to move back to a Professional Employer Organization to simplify their payroll, tax and W/C integration. Loss Runs, current dec and a recent payroll summary have all been requested.

Automotive repair and replacement shops, general
Oklahoma - 3 employees

I have not yet been able to speak with this company but wanted to get the RFP released quickly.

Carpentry, framing
Florida - 3 employees

This is a clerical office supporting a medical group. Office is admin only, no patients or clinic. Have been in business for 11 years. All services have been outsourced (billing, etc) until now. They need a Professional Employer Organization for 1 employed individual to start. May add 1 or 2 additional staff within 12-18 months. They indicated on the RFP that medical benefits would be required but the contact later told me that benefits would not be needed until a later date. The contact has requested your initial contact be by email.

Office administration services
Texas - 1 employees

Company specializes in semi trailer rentals for companies. The small amount of trucking exposure is for when they have to deliver a trailer. Their delivery range is 150 miles from their two locations. The CEO is new to the company and wants to see how a Professional Employer Organization can help with a more comprehensive benefits package to control costs, and retain employees. They offer a Humana PPO now and have good participation. They have one person who comes in weekly to do the payroll in house. They would like to consider a Jan 1st transition if possible, so please act quickly.

Semi-trailer rental or leasing
Indiana - 38 employees

Company is a start up that will include three separate companies. One is a freight broker, one is warehousing, and the third is trucking. They plan to go live mid-December.

General freight trucking, local
Washington - 62 employees

Company is an IT company that has used a Professional Employer Organization in the past. They are interested in how a Professional Employer Organization can offer a better benefits package, versus each employee having their own policy, and providing health reimbursement.

Computer software consulting services or consultants
Illinois - 9 employees

Company provides written translation, and recording services. They are with a Professional Employer Organization now, but are having service issues specifically related to HR inquiries, and benefits. Please email first to set up a call.

Interpretation services, language
Oregon - 7 employees

This company is a bank in Alaska but they have one EE relocating to Tennessee and they want a Professional Employer Organization to administer them. They are thinking they can supply that EE with the company's established large group health care plan.

Commercial banking
Alaska - 1 employees

This is a group that just secured funding and is looking to establish a vertical group of separate agricultural businesses that will include raising/growing, processing, distributing and marketing. This is a start up so all EE counts and payroll totals are estimates. Please call to discuss further with me prior to reaching out to contact. This account will actually be made up of several business entities and a list of them, along with an estimate of EE count and weekly gross payroll is attached.

Dairy cattle farming
Florida - 131 employees

This is a Canadian company that is now starting operations in ND and is looking for a Professional Employer Organization to handle all payroll, tax, HR and benefits admin. They are looking to start Nov 1st with about 4 EEs and then ramp up to about 14 by Feb. The average salary for each EE will be around $55,000/yr. They will then expand into CO. They are looking for a Professional Employer Organization to also present a benefits package for a low, medium and deluxe option. The company rents liquid containment barriers which to deliver and setup on site. Most of the systems they will be setting up in the US will be fracking tank containment systems. You can view these on their web site. Their EEs are only engaged in the delivery, set up and break down of these containment systems.

Equipment rental (except crane), construction, with operator
North Dakota - 6 employees

This company provides lawn maintenance services to residential, commercial and municipal clients. They had been utilizing a Professional Employer Organization, but that Professional Employer Organization can no longer cover their W/C exposure and their agent has failed to find them new coverage. They have been without coverage since Oct 1st. LRs and a recent payroll run summary have been requested.

Mowing services (e.g., highway, lawn, road strip)
Florida - 9 employees

Company is a Servpro franchisee that is using a Professional Employer Organization now, but is not happy with all the payroll mistakes they make. Your contact works only a few days a week, so please email to set up a time to talk. They would like to keep their current health plan, but have the Professional Employer Organization do all payroll deductions. They are looking for a Jan 1st transition.

Environmental remediation services
Maryland - 60 employees

Company is an air ambulance service that is in desperate need of HR support. If workers comp coverage is a challenge, I know they will entertain an ASO model, keeping their current policy in place. If you quote background checks and drug testing, your vendor must be approved by the FAA. Also, CAMTS-Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems knowledge is a definite plus.

Air ambulance services
Texas - 59 employees

Company is a winery that is changing their corporate structure from an SCorp, to an LLC. They would like to offer a benefits plan that is better than Covered Calif.

California - 20 employees

This company is a start-up company that specializes in rail car repair. They plan on being operative in the next 3-6 months. They will be railroad workers, involved in rail car repair, cleaning and blasting rail cars and moving rail cars around a private rail yard. They expect to start with 25 employees in the next 6 months, and eventually grow to over 100. Their immediate need is for Louisiana, but they will be expanding to other states. They will want a complete HR solution, including - payroll, workers comp, and benefits. I've used class code 3881 below, but they may also have exposure in class codes 3365 and 7181.

Railroad cars and car equipment manufacturing
New York - 125 employees

This company is not actually a law firm but a management company that handles all administrative duties for one law firm. They are currently with a Professional Employer Organization but that Professional Employer Organization has changed their health care carrier and they just don't feel they give the support they need to properly manage employer related risks in CA. They currently pay 100% of health insurance costs the vision and dental are not paid for but are offered at a very low rate. However, they are considering reducing that benefit depending on the difficulty of implantation and the new providers fee’s / costs. They do currently offer a matching up to 6% 401k that is provided at present through another provider, but nobody participates. We are not planning on changing providers or adding this into Professional Employer Organization package unless there is a clear advantage? Here are additional notes from the contact , "Primarily we are looking for a company that will take care of Payroll, IE on line time clock portal, track sick and vacation accrues etc. Support their own website(s) Offer Health Ins. Benefits that include will continue to include Anthem Blue Cross/Shield PPO Gold at the most competitive rates as well as group dental and vision. We need the best liability coverage with low deductible 10K or less with availability to a legal team when / IF nec. & or a CA proof strategy? "

Attorneys' offices
California - 9 employees

This new company is doing surface mining of precious metals in AZ. This operation involves collecting materials with excavating equipment and feeding it into crushing and extraction equipment. They are currently utilizing 1099s but needs to move to w2s. The 15 EEs listed on this RFP represents full capacity operations but right now only have 3 managers and 5 mining employees. They then intend to open a second operation which will scale the same as this original operation. You are receiving notification of this new RFP due to the fact your StaffMarket indicates your Professional Employer Organization covers AZ and you don't list mining operations as an excluded business type. If your Professional Employer Organization can not cover this type of surface mining operation, please decline due to Excluded Business Type. Please confirm your ability to cover this company as a Professional Employer Organization client to me prior to reaching out to this contact.

Gold ores, concentrates, bullion, and/or precipitates mining and/or beneficiating
Arizona - 15 employees

This company is a large home healthcare agency but they are in the process of creating a new company and moving all the clerical EEs into it. It is this new company that they are now evaluating Professional Employer Organization options for. At this point, the contact person works for the agency that is supplying them with healthcare coverage. He is not working as a broker here but is acting as the initial contact. And unfortunately, all he knows as to why the owners are interested in utilizing a Professional Employer Organization is to just remove some HR admin overhead and greater confidentiality on payroll matters. I did explain that the decision makers would need to be involved in the evaluation process and he assured me they would be. They will continue to obtain stand alone group medical coverage. I had difficulty concatenating all the W/C docs into one file so make sure you download all the attachments under the headings Loss Runs, Benefits Census and Addition Documentation. He also added that their NY state unemployment rate for June 2017 is 4.5% and 4.4% for NYC

Home health care agencies
New York - 35 employees

This company is actually based in OH, but they are looking to engage a Professional Employer Organization for only a new facility in Appleton, WI. The company is a 3PL and has a contract to open a new warehouse facility in Appleton and they must start operations Oct 1st. Their other facilities are union and this new WI facility will not be, and I feel this may play a part in their interest in utilizing a Professional Employer Organization for this new facility. They are interested in the new Professional Employer Organization helping them to recruit the new EEs and supply them with a benefits package. They think they will setup this new facility as a separate entity, but I've gone ahead and collected LRs and W/C dec from current entity.

General warehousing and storage
Ohio - 45 employees

This company has developed something like a health provider mall. Their facility is made up of suites that various health related practitioners can rent. These would include massage therapist, acupuncturist, Dr.s, dentist, etc. The facility would provide clerical support along with techs and a few nurses. At this point their are only the 2 principles but they are wanting a Professional Employer Organization to put together a benefits compensation package so that they can begin recruiting. They estimate that their EE group could grow to around 12. And they have plans for additional facilities around AZ.

MDs' (medical doctors, except mental health) offices (e.g., centers, clinics)
Arizona - 2 employees

This company is a children's apparel screen printing operation that currently utilizes a Professional Employer Organization but now needs to change Professional Employer Organizations. The Professional Employer Organization had being paying NJ SUTA through the client's account which has a 1.85% rate, but the Professional Employer Organization just converted to paying through the Professional Employer Organization's account whose rate is 3.05%. And with a SUTA cap in NJ at $33,500, that increase in rate is significant. So the client is now looking for a Professional Employer Organization that will pay SUTA through the client's account. The client claims that his admin rate from his current Professional Employer Organization is only 1%, but the Professional Employer Organization combine's the admin and W/C rate as the service rate on the attached payroll report and invoice. When asked for detail on their safety plan, this is his response, "We are a USA Levi and Nike Approved Printing facility and have extensive Safety Training and monthly Risk Assessments done along with PPE training. Too much to attach but I can provide when needed but if any of your Professional Employer Organization know anything about Nike and Levi’s they will be aware of what we have in place in order to work for these companies in the US." Attached documentation includes W/Comp LR reports, payroll and invoice reports (under the benefits census link) and NJ State Unemployment rate schedule.

Silk screen design services
New Jersey - 76 employees

This is a woman owned, fire and water restoration company that's been in business for 23 years. They are currently utilizing a Professional Employer Organization that they have typically had a good working relationship with. However, they have had a claims issue that they feel that Professional Employer Organization has not done a good job in advocating their interests. In addition, the client does government work on occasion, and their current Professional Employer Organization doesn't handle certified payroll processing well. So now they are looking into other Professional Employer Organization options that may be able to provide them with better administration. At this point, they would most likely be looking forward to a Jan 1st conversion. They offer full medical and dental. The company pays 60% of the medial. They use Benefit Pro and like them so far. Offered is Sharp Health Care through the company plan – they also can choose Kaiser or a couple of PPO’s. They just completed open enrollment last week. The attached documentation includes LRs, ACORD app, recent payroll report and a spreadsheet with a bit more accurate payroll breakdown by code.

Fire and flood restoration, single-family housing, general contractors
California - 34 employees

This company is an assisted living facility based in NH that is looking to either reduce their current group medical rates or improve the coverage with like rates. They are currently utilizing a Harvard Medical HMO. A good deal of underwriting documentation has been collected and will be supplied in a separate em as requested.

Assisted-living facilities with on-site nursing facilities
New Hampshire - 178 employees

Company is the marketing and promotions arm of a group of international resorts. They have been with their current provider for 12-13 years, and have witnessed a slow decline in service. They offer a United plan, that just renewed in June. They are in the preliminary stages of interviewing new potential Professional Employer Organization's and realize an end of year transition makes the most sense.

Marketing management consulting services
North Carolina - 60 employees

This company is an existing Health Care consulting business that is bidding and expecting to win a contract that will require them to place about 25 EEs in hospitals primarily in CA, but also OR, WA and possibly HI. The do not currently have any EEs in CA and due to zero experience with HR management in CA, they feel utilizing a Professional Employer Organization would be prudent risk mitigation.

Billing services
Arizona - 26 employees

This company is a new entity that will employee about 10 carpenters and will also employee subs for multi family framing. The parent company is a GC that has been in business 15 years, but never had to obtain W/C coverage. They are needing number now to build into their business model with the plan to start payroll in June.

Apartment building construction general contractors
Florida - 10 employees

This company is an outsource heath care receivables management group that currently utilizes ADP for payroll. The contact has worked with Professional Employer Organizations in the past and understands the model. They are looking to consolidate payroll and benefits and will need group medical, vision, dental, ADD and Life. They have a 401k and are contemplating leaving it in place so please discuss the pros/cons on not moving it to the Professional Employer Organization. The 2 EEs listed in NY and NJ are the owners and they currently pay them zero gross and cover their benefits. Most EEs are hourly and they use ADP's online time card, so that functionality would need to be replaced. Their current med carrier is United and they pay 50% of EE only premium. Participation is low but they are hoping the with either lower premiums or improved coverage that they can entice more participation. So you may need to address the participation issues early. She did not give details but mentioned that their last renewal did not go well. If you have the ability to carry over SUTA and FUTA balances, then they would want a Nov 1st cut over, otherwise they will wait for Jan 1st. We are still waiting on LRs.

Customer service call centers
Florida - 23 employees

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