What StaffMarket Customers Say about Our PEO Process


I wanted to let you know that we selected (PEO) as our vendor. I appreciate your help and will certainly recommend StaffMarket to anyone who is going through the selection process. You all kept it to a very managable number of vendors, while providing a good selection to company. I appreciated that everyone who contacted me was able to provide for our needs and I did not waste time with anyone who would not be able to help us ultimately.

Please let me know if you need any additional information from me.

Caroline Worrall

Thank you Chris. Sorry to be such a hard ass at the beginning. Attached is a reference:

I used Staffmarket.com on behalf of a client because we were very dissatisfied with a national vendor’s take it or leave it attitude and indecipherable pricing. While the service was good, the price seemed high. I was mistrustful of Staffmarket.com at the beginning because I did not want to get badgered by unqualified vendors or lots of sales people and because I knew the big names and what they offered. I went ahead because I did not know whether smaller vendors could provide similar service. Stafflmarket.com delivered several qualified and responsive vendors and we selected one that offers very personal service, explained in great detail exactly what each part of our charges paid for, had great references in our area, and saves us over $1000 per year per employee.

Happy holidays
David J. Dell

From: Todd Ditmars
Subject: Follow Up

Good Morning, Via your RFP process we have selected (PEO) as our new service provider. Thanks to your help we were able to effectively and expeditiously narrow down the various solution providers to a final three and ultimately determined (PEO) offered the greatest value benefit by molding their expertise around our company's individualized needs. I would certainly champion both StaffMarket and (PEO's) needs based results to potential future prospects Thank you again for your service and we look anxiously forward to beginning our new long term relationship with (PEO).

Yours faithfully,
Todd E. Ditmars

From: Charlene Shapiro
Subject: Thank You!

I just want to share with you how much I appreciate your assistance in our selection of for our payroll and HR/Benefits administration. I was so fortunate to find your website when I was doing a search for ASO vendors. You did an excellent job in assessing my needs and recommending two possible vendors. Your recommendation of was right on the mark. You were also so helpful to me as I went through the RFP process and was trying to decide among five vendors by providing information on the other companies.

We are having our implementation kick-off meeting with this afternoon and we are so excited to be partnering with them.

Thank you again!
Charlene Shapiro
VP Human Resources

From: Jose Perez
Subject: StaffMarket RFP for PEO services

One of the main reasons we chose (PEO) was price. They broke out all the charges, where all the others lumped the fee into one large percentage of payrolls. It was difficult to calculate the true cost or even what the PEO fee was when there was only one percentage number to work with.

Also, they were very easy to work with and did a great job explaining the PEO setup to a novice like myself. They are a large company that can handle our national needs and have handled themselves VERY professionally. Overall they were the best fit for us.

As for Staffmarket.....I know there is NO WAY I could have received as many good quality quotes from so many companies if it was not for your services. In fact, before I stumbled on your site, I was endlessly searching from one PEO company to another without much success. Your company made it possible. I would be glad to send a formal letter or better yet feel free to give out my name and number as a very satisfied client.

Let me know if there is anything else. Once again Matt, thanks for all your help in getting this off the ground.

Jose A. Perez

From: Mark Gitter
Subject: StaffMarket

StaffMarket was instrumental in assisting us with finding and evaluating PEO providers. Their technical abilities along with their experience really made the process flow quickly and smoothly.

Thanks again for all your help and patience!


From: Mary Colvin
Subject: PEO Selection

Thank you for all of your assistance. StaffMarket has a pretty amazing tool!!! If you should need anything further, please don't hesitate to call me.

Mary K. Colvin .

From: lynn velman
Subject: PEO Proposals

Dear Matt,
I signed a contract with (PEO) today. We are scheduled to start up in June. We'll be doing the employee orientation around the middle of May. Thank you for all your help. I'm really glad I found your service because this would have been one big mess for me to try to navigate by myself. Thanks again.

Lynn Velman

From: Susan Patti
Subject: RE: PEO Search

Matt, I guess I the reasons we chose (PEO)would include:

Susan Patti

From: Thompson, Pamela
Subject: StaffMarket PEO Response

The information that you all provide in such a timely manner is extremely helpful to me. It is very detailed and allows me the opportunity to view exactly what criteria I find important to meet our needs as a company. As I was just searching through the extremely LONG list of PEO's that are out there, it is hard to distinguish by their websites what exactly they do offer. I hate to admit it but I honestly don't have time nor do I really care to talk to all of the individual reps from each of the companies and have them continually calling and competing for our business. Staff Market allows me to "view" what the PEO's have to offer.

Thanks so much. ...It is fun to see what exactly each of these PEO's can provide. I love this service you all offer. It is helping me TREMENDOUSLY!

Pamela Thompson

From: Scott A. Davis
Subject: StaffMarket Asssitance

Two weeks ago my company made an immediate decision to look for another PEO. Immediately I did a search through the internet and found StaffMarket. I completed the RFP in about 35mins and submitted it. Within about 1 hour I received a call from StaffMarket's representative to discuss our needs more completely. The next thing I knew there were emails from various PEO's matching our needs that had responded. As I went through each of the companys online web pages, discussed the RFP with their sales representatives, and received quotes/proposals from my the three top choices, we hope that we have selected an outstanding provider to partnership with (our company). I highly recommend using StaffMarket, they made my job and my companies selection process for a new PEO a breeze.


From: Pat Lyon
Subject: Re: Thanks For Using StaffMarket

Matt: As you know, I was searching for a PEO that would be able to provide quality benefits and services to the Company. However, due to the small number of employees for this start-up firm, it would have been exceeding difficult, if even possible, to get the attention of many PEOs who are far more interested in partnering with larger firms. The refinement of the list of firms provided by StaffMarket enabled us to work with and select a firm that best met the Company's needs. The PEO we finally selected may not even have come to our attention, had we focused on more widely advertised options, none of whom would have offered the variety of benefits and services we were able to engage with (PEO). Working with (PEO consultant) was a pleasure. She displayed an eagerness to assist us in an extremely responsive and professional manner. I would not hesitate recommending both StaffMarket and (PEO). Thank you for making it all come together.

Pat Lyon.

From: Jace Bender
Subject: RE: StaffMarket Request for PEO Proposals - Current Status

... I just wanted to remark that the service that StaffMarket provides is truly outstanding. I had no prior knowledge of the PEO field and StaffMarket took all of the guess work out of the general search and significantly reduced my time on the project. Thank you again and I trust you will communicate our decision to the PEO's involved.

Best regards.

From: Wendy Sirowich Subject: Re: (PEO)

I have spoken with an met a lot of PEO's within the last week and have just signed our service agreement with (PEO) today. They were very prompt with a proposal, followed up with phone calls and a site visit, answered all the questions that I had and when asked, provided me with a list of references which I called and all were positive. The Account Executive we dealt with was XXX. Thank you for your help and I am looking forward to a long a prosperous relationship with (PEO). I will gladly recommend your organization to colleagues.

Wendy Sirowich

From: Judy
Subject: Re: Your StaffMarket RFP

This has been a wonderful service and the only problem is trying to make the right decision on which to choose.

Thanks so much for all your help.


From: Mary
Subject: RE: StaffMarket Request for PEO Proposals - Current Status

"I don't know what I would have done without you guys - you were a lifesaver. The people I contacted on my own still haven't gotten back to me, and I've already signed up with XXXX".

Mary at (roofing company) Inc

From: Jerry
Subject: RE: Status check on your StaffMarket RFP

I have heard from all of them and am meeting with the last one tomorrow. It has been an eye-opener. Thanks for your help, I was surprised with the number of responses. You have a great service.


From: Mark
Subject: RE: PEO Selection

We selected XXXX for a number of reasons: pricing, services, synergies with 401k provider. I will tell you that I was very impressed with StaffMarket. The concept is excellent. The web interface is excellent, especially the anonymous bidding and control over releasing our contact info. I'm hoping we don't have to go through this process again anytime soon, but if we do, I would recommend using StaffMarket again. Let me know if you have any other questions or if there's anything I need to do to "wrap up" the process on your side.


From: Karen Smith
Subject: RE: (PEO Selection)

In starting a business there were so many things that I had to establish that were unfamiliar to me. Having a resource like StaffMarket to help me with my Human Resources relationship research was invaluable - a big load off my mind.


From: Julia Parr
Subject: RE: Your StaffMarket RFP

Thanks so much for your assistance. This is definitely an easier route to go than looking for PEOs on my own. I will be sure and recommend this to anyone in the market.

Julia Parr

From: J. Turner
Subject: RE: Proposal comparison

Sorry it took so long to get back, been dealing with filling out all these forms all day! We are hoping we can get everything in place by June 1st. This is great. We saved about $28,000 a year on the medical alone, AND now we get dental and vision (not to mention the access to pet insurance), which we didn't have before, so we are really excited. All of the employees are really happy to have different health plans to choose from as well, so this is great! Thank you so much!

J. Turner

From: Janice Knight
Subject: PEO Follow-up

I want to thank you again for your services. Starting out isn't easy. I have tried to find companies and insurance on my own, but being a brand new business many of our inquiries have been ignored. It is nice having a company like StaffMarket to take us seriously and assist us in finding other companies to provide us with the support we need to get up and running.

Janice Knight

From: Robert Lamarche
Subject: StaffMarket Quotes

It looks like we will be having Ted from (PEO) in on the 15th to sign us up.. We are very happy with his company and this entire process thus far. If you ever need a reference I would be more than happy. Working with you has been easy and a pleasure.


From: Rick Wygant
Subject: Thank You

Thank you for coming to the rescue of iMed. Your quick response, and that of some of the PEO's that you put me in contact with, has allowed us select XXXX as a excellent fit for iMed's needs. The process that StaffMarket.com has is very impressive and has served us beyond my expectations. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you to reciprocate the excellent service you have provided us.

Best Regards,
Rick Wygant

From: Liz Haring
Subject: Re: Thanks for using StaffMarket

Thank you so very much for your service. I appreciate all your time, patience, and expertise.

Liz Haring

"This is by far and away the most efficient way to find a PEO. No way I could track down this many PEOs on my own - I'm really impressed with the process!"

John Condon

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