A level playing field for all PEO providers.


Each PEO registered at StaffMarket who has the services you need gets the same opportunity to submit a proposal for your business.We do not and will not accept any funds to promote one PEO over another in the bidding process and we will not accept PEO banner advertising on our web site.The integrity of the RFP process is the foundation of our business and it will not be compromised. Customers can exclude RFP participants as desired.


At StaffMarket we are committed to your satisfaction with our service. We understand the demands placed on small business owners to get things done right the first time and our goal is to add real value in your search for a successful relationship with a PEO. If at any time you do not feel you are getting the service you expect, please call our President, Jim Hamilton directly at 877-882-7225.


StaffMarket supports a nationwide customer base and the effective use of technology is key to our customer interactions. The StaffMarket.com web site has been established to provide education on PEOs and to streamline the process for executing your RFP. However, if you are having difficulty with using our web site, please call us and we will use whatever phone, fax and mail is necessary to get your RFP conducted.

Privacy (Privacy Statement)

StaffMarket works to ensure that your information will be handled with confidentiality and discretion.We understand that the privacy of your company information is important and have taken solid measures to ensure confidentiality. All RFP information in our system is password protected and only available to PEOs who are registered with StaffMarket. Information on how to contact you is only given to the PEO with your explicit permission. Each registered StaffMarket PEO has signed a confidentiality agreement that commits them to maintain information confidentiality. All RFP contact information is removed from our system when the your RFP has expired. It is no longer available to any PEO or any other party. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 877-882-7225. StaffMarket will not provide information to anyone without your explicit approval.

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