What we do to make finding the best PEO solution easy.

StaffMarket provides small and medium size business owners and managers with a complete web site for executing an automated RFP for outsourced Human Resources and Payroll services to a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) . The StaffMarket process matches your company's needs and requirements with the services offered by PEOs nationwide that want your business. StaffMarket has profiled the services of hundreds of PEOs nationwide regarding Risk Management, Payroll Services, Employee Benefits, Licensing and Geographic service areas. With this PEO profile in our system, we make sure you receive proposals from only PEOs that can service your company and have the services you need.

During the StaffMarket customer registration process, we will work with you to assemble data pertinent to your company's payroll demands, workers compensation history and employee benefits needs. Once you have completed the StaffMarket on-line registration, we will send identical Requests For Proposals (RFPs) to each PEO that meets your requirements for Services and Employee Benefits. Each qualified PEO will evaluate your RFP and will prepare a proposal if they are interested in your business. After the RFP open period has expired (you set the duration), each interested PEO will provide a proposal directly to you. While all PEOs will want to provide a proposal that "picks them out of the crowd", each PEO proposal you receive through StaffMarket will have major pricing data defined in a format that allows easy comparison.

Once your RFP is complete, you now have PEO proposals to compare and evaluate. All final negotiations and contract details will be handled directly between your company and the quoting PEO companies.

There is no a charge to your company for the StaffMarket service. PEOs across the USA recognize the improved efficiency that StaffMarket brings to their PEO expansion efforts. This results in lower costs for the PEO and their prospective clients. When you use the StaffMarket process, you are automating a competitive bidding process and there is nothing like competition to drive the best price.

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