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We believe you have the right to know the privacy policies of the sites you visit. StaffMarket is committed to data security, and protects your personal and company identifiable information.

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Q&A About Privacy

In order to make it easier to understand StaffMarket's privacy policies, we've arranged this document in a question and answer format.

How does StaffMarket use my information?

StaffMarket uses your personal or company identifiable information to prepare your StaffMarket RFP . From this registration profile, StaffMarket generates the matched list of PEOs that have the services you require. If the PEO meets your criteria (and you meet their criteria), then each qualified PEO gets notified that your RFP is active. When the PEO reviews your RFP it is anonymous. Your RFP is identified only by a StaffMarket assigned RFP number. The anonymous RFP does not display any personal or company identifiable information about your company. It only contains the business relevent information the PEO needs to determine if they are interested in making your company a proposal. If the PEO is interested in making you a proposal, StaffMarket will contact you to get permission to release your contact information. Only with your explicit permission will we provide the PEO with your contact information. This assures that you will not receive unsolicited PEO sales calls due to your relationship with StaffMarket. Unless you expressly give us permission to do so, or unless required by law, StaffMarket does not willfully use or disclose your company contact information. However, we may share aggregated statistical information about the use of the StaffMarket web site with our participating PEOs or business partners. Even in this case, individual users' personally identifiable information is not disclosed.

How do StaffMarket's participating PEO use my information?

All of the PEOs use the information you provide for one general purpose: to provide you with an accurate proposal. Company information such as company name, address, primary contact, owner, Workers Compensation history, unemployment history (SUTA and FUTA), is collected as part of the process of requesting a proposal. PEOs use your company identifiable information in combination with other information you provide about your PEO needs. Because many small business are sole proprietorships, personal credit information on the business owner may be requested by the PEO. However, the rating criteria may be different for each participating PEO and each PEO may place different emphasis on particular aspects of your information. Where permitted by law, the business owners' personally identifiable information may also be used to request a credit report or your claims history from a third party, or to verify other information you have provided.

When do you send my information to a PEO? Do I have control over this?

Yes, you always have total control over whether StaffMarket sends your company contact information to PEOs, and to which companies this information is sent. To request a proposal from a PEO that has expressed an interest in your business, you can choose to send your name, contact information, and the detailed information you provided on your Staffmarket registration to one or more PEOs. In either case, this information is only sent at your direction and with your approval.

Why do some of StaffMarket's RFP registration forms require so much information?

StaffMarket works with many PEOs. Since these companies use different criteria to rate prospective customers, the registration must encompass a wide range of information. StaffMarket's comprehensive registration ensures the largest number of proposals that will be the right fit for your business. The consequence of declining to provide some requested information is that StaffMarket may be unable to execute your RFP and to provide proposals from participating PEOs.

How can I change my information?

At any point in the RFP process, you can modify your registration information. However, once your RFP is "kicked-off" all data is locked and can only be changed by calling StaffMarket.

How do I access my information?

Once you have successfully logged in by entering your user ID and password, select "Modify Registration" from the main menu. All sections of your registration information are available for changes.

After I request PEO proposals from StaffMarket, who will contact me?

StaffMarket will provide a courtesy call to you with 2 working days to confirm your information.

In addition, StaffMarket e-mails a quality control survey to all customers who execute an RFP. This survey is sent out within 4-5 days after your RFP "Kick-off", and is completely optional.

Does StaffMarket sell my information to other companies?

No. StaffMarket never resells, trades, leases or rents the personal or company identifiable information of our customers and users to other companies.

Does StaffMarket store my information?

Yes. All information submitted through StaffMarket's RFP information is stored on our servers. Staffmarket does not use this information except to process your RFP, or with your permission:

Does StaffMarket use "cookies"? Can I use any computer to access StaffMarket?

StaffMarket uses a technology called session variables to maintain login information. No user ID or passwords are ever stored on your computer. This allows StaffMarket users to use different computers and not worry about leaving access information behind.

Can I change my password?

Yes, select "modify registration" and then click "Step #1" from the registration menu.

Can I allow others in my office to view my StaffMarket RFP status?

Yes. However StaffMarket currently only supports one user ID per client company RFP.

What happens to my information when my RFP expires?

When your RFP has expired, StaffMarket removes all of your RFP registration data from our production systems and it is no longer available to anyone but StaffMarket. It is not accessible to any PEOs.

Will StaffMarket ask me to act as a referral?

When you have successfully contracted with a PEO through StaffMarket, we may ask you to act as a referral to other StaffMarket clients who are considering the PEO you are using. This referral allows other customers who are considering contracting with the particular PEO to get an independent opinion on the service level being provided by the PEO. Acting as a referral is voluntary and your contact information will not be provided to another PEO prospect without your explicit approval.

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