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For asphalt companies, StaffMarket has employee leasing programs that can help your company. Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) have helped thousands of small and mid-sized businesses obtain better employee benefits for their employees and access competitively priced workers compensation insurance.

Like many companies, asphalt companies have discovered that as their business grows, the administrative aspects require more and more time. Eventually the company needs to hire additional administrative staff or outsource those tasks to a third party. As the regulatory and legal environment for business gets more complicated many companies have hired a PEO or employee leasing company to handle those non-revenue producing activities that do not enhance the asphalt companies bottom line.

We can provide asphalt companies with several competitive employee leasing and PEO quotes. We identify the best solutions available and provide multiple options for your business.

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Here are some of the asphalt companies we have helped find their best PEO and employee leasing solution

This company is a spin off from a European parent company, so it will be considered a startup. The company will design and produce a paving material made from concrete and foam-glass that is used for commercial airport runway emergency arresting systems. Airport runway arresting systems are built at the end of runways that prevent a runaway aircraft from exiting the end of a runway. The company will design the arresting systems in conjunction with the FAA and will provide engineering, training and over site of the installation, but the actual installation will be done by 3rd parties contracted by the FAA. They expect to start with 18 EEs but expect to ramp up to around 100 EEs quickly. As a startup they are looking for assistance with EE handbooks, drug testing and background checks, and recruiting assistance. The contact on this RFP is an HR attorney hired to assist in the evaluation of Professional Employer Organization service providers. They will require to have an executed NDA in place prior to releasing any documentation deemed sensitive such as a census. Make this your first priority after initial contact. The contact person is open to using a version supplied by the Professional Employer Organization.

18 Employee Asphalt Company in New Jersey

Company does concrete paving services. They are interested in how a Professional Employer Organization can help with saving them money. Additional information, including an Acord app and complete, clean loss runs are attached. .

7 Employee Asphalt Company in California

Company is a paving company. Their only loss is a shock loss from 2010-2011. Brought by a new independent rep.

13 Employee Asphalt Company in Maryland

This company is a new asphalt and concrete paving company. They've used a Professional Employer Organization in past paving companies and like the simplicity of a Professional Employer Organization. If Jeffery is not available, speak to Frank.

10 Employee Asphalt Company in Illinois

This company is based in AR but all work will be performed in LA and AL. The work performed was described as foundations, side walks and some paving for commercial strip mall projects. They are primarily interested in basic Professional Employer Organization services for payroll, tax and W/C administration outsourcing. A W/C no loss statement is attached.

10 Employee Asphalt Company in Arkansas

This company is actually made up of 5 operating companies. One is for the management in common to the other operating companies. One is paving company that works on large parking lots and subdivision roads. And the other 3 are trucking companies that haul sand, dirt a gravel for paving operations. Their primary objective is to effectively reduce their internal HR admin staff. They currently have 2 full time HR people, and they feel that may be understaffed, but they want to reduce down to just one. They are also currently self-insured on W/C and are now wanting to look at other options. The W/C breakdown displayed on the RFP categorizes their drivers as code #7208. However, their W/C declaration shows that payroll under code #7380. ADP is the current payroll provider and the contact said that they will be talking to them about Professional Employer Organization as well. A W/C declaration, loss run reports, benefits census and plan descriptions are attached.

190 Employee Asphalt Company in Michigan

Company is a stone crushing operation which takes new and recycled material (like concrete) and crushes it for use in paving and land fill. Materials are brought on-site and picked up by vendors and customers. Company is looking for a Professional Employer Organization to assist with workers comp and payroll. .

5 Employee Asphalt Company in Florida

Company is an excavation, and paving contractor. They are getting non-renewed by their current carrier, and need help quick. Loss runs, and payroll reports are attached under additional information.

12 Employee Asphalt Company in Florida

Company is a paving contractor that is primarily interested in finding an affordable medical benefit program for his EEs. He is hoping to be able to fund at least 50% of the EE only premium and is also expecting to get at least 70% participation in such a program. A benefits census and W/C loss runs have been requested.

105 Employee Asphalt Company in Texas

Company is a site development, and paving contractor. They had an employee that had an auto accident last year, and they got hit with $300k in reserves. They are not requiring benefits, just workers comp any payroll. Losses and additional information have been attached. . for participating.

20 Employee Asphalt Company in Florida

Company's primary work related to subdivsion work to include land clearing, earth moving, paving and associated concrete work. Most work done as general contractor. They are with a firm called Business Staffing, looking at other options at this time. Note the contact has asked that you touch base via email only at first, will release her phone number afterwards. Loss runs and census requested. for participating.

16 Employee Asphalt Company in Texas

Company is a subcontractor, the GC lays sewer lines, they handle the "clean up" portion of the job, paving around manholes, laying asphalt, etc. The main office is in IN, with a branch in AL. Breakdown of code by state to be provided. The code they have for trucking is 7228. Payroll values are off of their work comp policy except for clerical, which owner provided....Employee counts are estimates. First phone number is the office and you can speak with Jene (sounds like Jenny). Second phone number is owner's cell phone, she's out of town at the moment and doesn't have access to any documents. We have requested census, loss runs and work comp information. for participating

31 Employee Asphalt Company in Indiana