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For information systems companies, StaffMarket has employee leasing programs that can help your company. Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) have helped thousands of small and mid-sized businesses obtain better employee benefits for their employees and access competitively priced workers compensation insurance.

Like many companies, information systems companies have discovered that as their business grows, the administrative aspects require more and more time. Eventually the company needs to hire additional administrative staff or outsource those tasks to a third party. As the regulatory and legal environment for business gets more complicated many companies have hired a PEO or employee leasing company to handle those non-revenue producing activities that do not enhance the information systems companies bottom line.

We can provide information systems companies with several competitive employee leasing and PEO quotes. We identify the best solutions available and provide multiple options for your business.

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Here are some of the information systems companies we have helped find their best PEO and employee leasing solution

Startup which develops software for behavioral health

1 Employee Information Systems Company in New Jersey

Company specializes in performance tuning software and devices for automobiles. They do everything in house now, but want to see how a Professional Employer Organization can primarily help with the HR admin/costs, and benefits. They offer a BCBS plan now. A census, and salary breakdown are attached.

29 Employee Information Systems Company in Louisiana

This company is a Sage Software consulting business. Their primary interest in a Professional Employer Organization is in trying to dampen their year to year group health care rates. I have numerous underwriting docs so I will supply them in a separate email.

10 Employee Information Systems Company in Arizona

This company is a financial planning software company, based in NE and started in 2016. However, all of their EEs are actually employed by the parent company, and leased back to this company. They are now looking to takeover all of the EEs, and separate completely from the parent company and they are looking into Professional Employer Organization as an option to obtain HR admin and benefits. !6 EEs reside in NE and 1 in MA. They are in growth mode and expect to add 5 to 10 EEs over the next 12 months, mostly in NE. The contact is requiring the quoting Professional Employer Organizations to sign an NDA prior to receiving any additional documentation, therefore, I have not collected any underwriting documentation. I would recommend initiating contact via email and discuss getting a signed NDA in place, first thing. You will then need to obtain all underwriting documentation directly from the contact. Due to the fact that the client company currently doesn't have any EEs, I'm not even sure what underwriting documentation would be relevant other than a census. All current W/Comp and health care overages are provided by the parent company and any reports from those overages would include data not relevant to this company's EEs.

17 Employee Information Systems Company in Nebraska

This company is actually made up of 7 companies that deal with warehouse equipment and supplies. They are interested in modifying their payroll administration so they are evaluating buying software and hardware to run in house, outsourcing to basic payroll services or engaging a Professional Employer Organization. They have a captive W/C program and would want to stay with it.

170 Employee Information Systems Company in Utah

Company is an S-Corp set up to handle my entertainment and software development work I'm healthy, but monthly medical premiums are out of control so I'm looking for a Professional Employer Organization to buy through. Company has requested a call for Monday 6-18 at 9am PST.

1 Employee Information Systems Company in California

This company is a software development company that has been functioning for about 4 years but it has only been with the 2 founders. They are now expecting to wrap up a round of funding over the next couple weeks and would like to start payroll and benefits for the first 3 EEs July 1st. The first 3 EEs will be located in FL, GA and MA. They then expect to add 2 more EEs over the following 6 weeks. They are outsourcing all non-core functions including HR/Payroll/benefits. The contact did mention also wanting the Professional Employer Organization to handle expense tracking. If all goes well they estimate adding an additional 10 to 15 sales EEs over the following 12 to 24 months, averaging 100k/yr. These employees will be deployed nationally.

5 Employee Information Systems Company in Florida

Company is opening a new company that develops augmented reality software for various industries. All of the employees will be in Utah, except for one principal/owner that will be in Ohio.

7 Employee Information Systems Company in Utah

Company is a software development venture. They have a group of investors that will be bringing a former company out of receivership. They would like to start making offers to candidates in the next week, after the funding comes through. Your contact has used Professional Employer Organization's in two previous companies and likes the relationship.

16 Employee Information Systems Company in Virginia

Company specializes in data integration across different software platforms. They would like to see how a Professional Employer Organization can help with employee administration and lower insurance costs. They do not want any plans that offer Tufts medical plans. A census is attached.

16 Employee Information Systems Company in Massachusetts

Company is an IT staffing company. Employee assignments are never shorter than 6 months, and are typically longer than one year. The employees work at the client facilities, and mainly include programmers, database administrators, business analysts etc. They use a Professional Employer Organization now but have been shown two health increases since Jan.

58 Employee Information Systems Company in Minnesota

Company specializes in software development. They are with a Professional Employer Organization now, but are not happy with the service related to their BCBS plan.

6 Employee Information Systems Company in Florida

Company is a managed services company offering software development, IT infrastructure maintenance, and other related data center services. They are with a Professional Employer Organization now, but have been shown a 35% increase in their United Plan. That plan renews on June 1st, so please act quickly. They pay 100% of the employee only premiums, and have 75% participation.

56 Employee Information Systems Company in Oklahoma

This company is a software system development and sales company. They currently obtain BCBS coverage and payroll services from ADP, but they now want to move to a Professional Employer Organization. They would prefer a Professional Employer Organization that can offer them group BCBS and provide a 401k.

10 Employee Information Systems Company in Texas

This company is a start up tech company. They are building a database system for individuals to store their own personal health info that can then be shared. They need to run their first payroll Nov 15th, so we need to move quickly. They will start with EEs in FL, CO, OR and VA. At this point, they need to provide health care coverage to only one EE in CO. We will need the Professional Employer Organization to either obtain that coverage on the open market or have the EE continue current coverage through COBRA. The current coverage is a low deductible Cadillac plan. The primary contact is out of town until Monday so present quote to me and I will present to a principle.

5 Employee Information Systems Company in Colorado

This company is a developer of software programming tools whose owners all run as separate LLCs. In an effort to better organize and procure a benefits package, they are looking to join under a single newly created company. They are looking for a local Professional Employer Organization that they feel can better service their needs and help them shop for a group medical plan. They $200,000 estimated annualized payroll total shown on this RFP was made up by me. She had reported zero payroll to me as all EEs are owners. A census is attached.

4 Employee Information Systems Company in Colorado

Company is a solutions provider offering software development, information security, and cloud computing. They joined a Professional Employer Organization in Feb 2016, but the transition has not gone well . The CEO is also not happy with the way the fees are not transparent.

15 Employee Information Systems Company in California

I am a management consultant in the software engineering space. I am simply researching my options in the event I have a need to spin-up a proper company and on-board other consultants. I spend a lot of time traveling, mostly within the US some international. Currently based out of Milwaukee, but considering a move to Lake Tahoe area in Arizona, as RNO airport is marginally big enough. I have also considered moving back to Park City, UT except Utah still has state income tax. Tired of getting double taxed. Main challenge is finding high-quality health care. I find good health-care for my wife and I on COBRA is around $1200/month. I accept this is simply what better coverage costs and I am willing to pay it for myself and any employees I might bring on. I am also interested in offloading as much back-office work as possible so I can focus on the clients. End client bill rates tend to run around $7600/week + T&E. T&E typically runs anywhere from $1200/week to $2400/week depending on the city. I will initially be using an EOR for my current client.

1 Employee Information Systems Company in Wisconsin

This Company is part of a larger company that develops software primarily in the manufacturing sector.The company is responsible for post sale service and consulting at their customer's location and their primary function is to consult with manufacturers using their software. They are currently using a Professional Employer Organization and are shopping since they feel they are paying too much! A breakdown of the employees and payroll by state is attached to this RFP.

6 Employee Information Systems Company in Florida

Company is a software developer in the health care industry. They were with a Professional Employer Organization in 2014, but their health plan blew up and they brought everything back in house. They would now like to check the marketplace for better health rates. They currently pay 100% of employee benefits. The contact asks that you send an initial email to set up a time for a call.

6 Employee Information Systems Company in Washington