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For marinas, StaffMarket has employee leasing programs that can help your company. Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) have helped thousands of small and mid-sized businesses obtain better employee benefits for their employees and access competitively priced workers compensation insurance.

Like many companies, marinas have discovered that as their business grows, the administrative aspects require more and more time. Eventually the company needs to hire additional administrative staff or outsource those tasks to a third party. As the regulatory and legal environment for business gets more complicated many companies have hired a PEO or employee leasing company to handle those non-revenue producing activities that do not enhance the marinas bottom line.

We can provide marinas with several competitive employee leasing and PEO quotes. We identify the best solutions available and provide multiple options for your business.

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Here are some of the marinas we have helped find their best PEO and employee leasing solution

Notes from company. I have a small customization/personalization shop. I have a few CO2 and Fiber lasers which I use to cut/mark/engrave different products per customer specification. We create wedding/birthday/etc cake toppers (we cut raw mdf, clean, paint, sort, pack and ship to customers); we engrave blank cutting boards with whatever folks want. I've got plans to expand products offered, equipment used, etc. I need some help getting the "business" portion set up, I need help with figuring out taxes, payroll, procedures on hiring/firing, benefits for part time employees, etc.

2 Employee Marinas in Oregon

This is boat rental and charter boat operation that is looking for alternatives to his JUA coverage. USL&H coverage will be required. He needs to move quickly so try to establish contact ASAP. LRs are attached.

9 Employee Marinas in Florida

This company is a GC that builds boat docks and decks. They only work on lakes on non-navigable waters and work from land. He is expanding his business and needs to bring on 2 new EEs for which he needs W/C coverage. He has not had any W/C coverage over the past 3 years and a No Claims Affidavit has been requested. Each EE will be paid approximately $25/hr

2 Employee Marinas in Florida

This is a small delivery company that is starting up operations again. It has been a few years since they have operate and at that time utilized 1099 labor. They have not had any W/C for the past several years. They will start with 3 drivers and expect to add more. There routes will be less than 100 miles/day and all drivers go home at night. They transport dock to dock office supplies. If it would help to get them approved, the owner said that he would be willing to add himself and his partner to the payroll.

3 Employee Marinas in New Jersey

Company is a full service boat repair facility. They also have retail and wholesale distribution for marine supplies. They want to see how a Professional Employer Organization can help them with more competitive benefit options. They offer a Kaiser plan now. Loss runs, and benefits census are attached.

54 Employee Marinas in California

Company is a new company that will be hiring their first employee, a plant manager, on April 1st. The plant will be fully employed by June 1st. They are a Pea and Lentils processing plant. The processing is done by air and light beams that blow the pea into the cylinder and then the beams will pull out the bad pea. The rest falls into the conveyor and then to the bagging and onto pallets to ship out. There is NO growing of crops, or agriculture exposure here. They buy everything from the area farmers. They are interested in the full suite of Professional Employer Organization services. But, since they have no current employees, they are not able to provide a census.

10 Employee Marinas in South Dakota

This company is a boat rental company. They claim to already have USL&H coverage, and a dec page is attached to this RFP, but because they now have more than 3 EEs, they need W/C coverage.

4 Employee Marinas in Florida

This company is a seasonal boat detailing operation. The EEs mostly work 40 hrs weeks at $13/hr. He said their EE count can range from 4 to 8 EEs. His need for a Professional Employer Organization is the elimination of paperwork and HR and ACA compliance. On his registration form, he indicated they utilize 6801, which I believe is an USL&H code.

4 Employee Marinas in Maryland

Company is a marina, that uses a Professional Employer Organization now. All of the boat repair is done on dry land, using a 100 ton lift. The workers comp through Zenith is carved out. They are not happy with the current vendor and would like to make a switch. A current invoice, and loss runs showing ZERO losses is attached.

6 Employee Marinas in Florida

This is a TX company that does aquatic restoration that has a contract to restore oyster beds in Apalachicola, FL. The company is a bit over a year old but has never had W/C. Their W/C, or USL&H coverage has always been covered by the GC they subbed for.

5 Employee Marinas in Texas

This company has been in the boat building business for quite a while, but had to shut down a few years back due to the bad economic conditions. They are now ready to start back up as a new entity and with new owners in had. I listed all the EEs under the 6838 code, but the contact said they had 1 fiberglass employee and 4 riggers. And she thought that the riggers were classified differently than the fiberglass EE before.

5 Employee Marinas in Florida

Company packages and sells boat lifts. They do not do any installations.

3 Employee Marinas in Alabama

Company is a boat builder. They are with a Professional Employer Organization now, but are not happy. Loss runs, and a benefits census are attached. .

15 Employee Marinas in Florida

Company does ship building, and ship repair. They are interested in lowering their workers comp premiums. This RFP does require yous ability to cover USL&H, so if you can't please do not contract. No benefits are requested at this time. Loss runs are on the way.

171 Employee Marinas in Texas

Company is a newer company that provides ship tradesmen to the port of San Diego. They are with a Professional Employer Organization now but that Professional Employer Organization can't cover the exposure. I'm pretty sure USL&H exposure is required here.

50 Employee Marinas in California

Company is an oil as gas drilling company. They are interested in payroll administration, workers comp, and benefits. Under additional information is a risk evaluation checklist that notes they travel on boats out to the rigs. So USL&H coverage is probably required.

26 Employee Marinas in Texas

Company is working on a water desalination process. It is all done in the lab, there is no USL&H exposure. They are mainly interested in payroll administration, workers comp and benefits.

12 Employee Marinas in Florida

This company is a marine surveying and consulting company that has grown to a size where they now need W/C coverage. However, due to their type of work, I'm not sure if they will require long shore act coverage. They inspect cargo on the dock as well as on board ships.

5 Employee Marinas in Georgia

Company is a pre-engineered metal building contractor, building primarily RV & boat storage and Self Storage buildings. They are a General Contractor with in-house design and engineering offering a wide range of products, delivered to the job site. Their primary objective is to lower their overall costs for W/C. Their current policy expires in a little over 2 weeks, so please move quickly. A loss run report and recent payroll report are attached.

53 Employee Marinas in Minnesota

Company is a fiberglass boat repair facility, that is currently being canceled by Zenith on May 20th. They do sea trials, but all of the vessels are under 65 feet, so they feel they do not fall under the USL&H exposure. They have a BCBS POS that they are happy with, but may like the Professional Employer Organization to administer it for them. Loss runs have been requested.

15 Employee Marinas in Florida