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For siding contractors, StaffMarket has employee leasing programs that can help your company. Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) have helped thousands of small and mid-sized businesses obtain better employee benefits for their employees and access competitively priced workers compensation insurance.

Like many companies, siding contractors have discovered that as their business grows, the administrative aspects require more and more time. Eventually the company needs to hire additional administrative staff or outsource those tasks to a third party. As the regulatory and legal environment for business gets more complicated many companies have hired a PEO or employee leasing company to handle those non-revenue producing activities that do not enhance the siding contractors bottom line.

We can provide siding contractors with several competitive employee leasing and PEO quotes. We identify the best solutions available and provide multiple options for your business.

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Here are some of the siding contractors we have helped find their best PEO and employee leasing solution

Company is a roofing and siding company looking for workers comp and payroll. They are requesting you call them today, Tue 05/04/2021 @ 9:00:00 AM

3 Employee Siding Contractors in Wisconsin

Company is an Alabama based company that will be installing residential vinyl siding in Florida. They have never had workers comp before.

2 Employee Siding Contractors in Alabama

This company is a startup that does wood framing and trim carpentry in residential homes as well as siding installation. They are interested in a Professional Employer Organization for Pay-go W/C, off setting HR and possibly benefits down the road. As a startup, no Loss Runs are available but a signed ACORD is attached as a Loss Run attachment.

7 Employee Siding Contractors in New York

This company is an LLC that has existed for a couple years, but is just now starting to operate and begin payroll. They are a residential remodeling firm; bathrooms, kitchens, window installation, siding etc. The contact has utilized a Professional Employer Organization in the past with a previous operation in FL, so he understands the model. He expects to be up to 5 EEs fairly quickly. The W/Comp codes the company selected and displaying in this RFP are obviously not correct for MI. A W/C claims history affidavit has been requested.

2 Employee Siding Contractors in Michigan

This company is a roofing and siding contractor. They've utilized AMS in the past but it appears they've had lapsed W/C coverage over part of the last year. Loss documentation is attached.

5 Employee Siding Contractors in South Carolina

This company is a GC that does home improvements such as painting, finish carpentry, siding etc. They are starting to ramp back up with jobs and are interested in pay-go W/C and payroll services.

8 Employee Siding Contractors in Florida

Company is a contractor that does residential and commercial window installation, siding and roofing. A loss affidavit is attached.

6 Employee Siding Contractors in Oklahoma

Company is a home improvement marketing company that sells installation of windows, siding and gutters. All installation work is handled by outside installers. They employee canvassers that work door to door malls and telemarketing. Their primary objective is to find an affordable medical plan that they can contribute 75% to 100% of the EEs premium and increase participation. The company has already received a quote from Administaff whom they contacted on their own. W/C loss run reports, a census and a plan description for their current United plan are all attached to this RFP.

11 Employee Siding Contractors in Wisconsin

Company installs concrete siding and looking for pay as you go W/C. They currently use Insure Pay for payroll. The contact told me that their W/C mod is .87, but have also requested loss runs and their dec page. I will forward on documentation as it is received.

17 Employee Siding Contractors in Florida

Company does sheet metal siding installation. They had used a Professional Employer Organization in the past, and liked the relationship. Loss information is attached. .

6 Employee Siding Contractors in Florida

Company is a sheet metal siding company. Their corporate office is located in Ohio, but they are starting a new company in Florida. Loss affidavit has been requested. for participating.

10 Employee Siding Contractors in Ohio

Company installs vinyl soffit, fascia and siding on single family homes. Additional information attached. that will help close the deal. for participating.

4 Employee Siding Contractors in Florida

Company is needing work comp as they are going to start doing work for Home Depot installing vinyl siding - not sure if the carpentry code is accurate, please verify. There are two owners, each running $800 per week plus one employee. for participating.

3 Employee Siding Contractors in Florida

Residential and commercial siding company. Current Professional Employer Organization does not cover their employees that travel to out of state jobs (job typically lasts a month or so). Additional states include GA, AL, MS and TN. Additional info contains billing and employee listing from current Professional Employer Organization and some risk questions. Loss runs requested, thanks for participating.

5 Employee Siding Contractors in Florida

Contractor for vinyl siding and soffit work, they sub out all the labor. Getting dropped by Amcomp because of class of business - loss runs attached show no claims over five years, nearly 90k in premium. Brought by independent rep who's the contact on the deal. for participating.

3 Employee Siding Contractors in Florida

Brought by independent rep. Company tears off old siding from houses, replaces with new siding. Lost their work comp because of no payroll being done - owner was in an auto accident, was unable to keep working, so business folded. At the time of the accident, he got up to 12 employees. Info from broker attached - no losses on his comp policies. for participating.

4 Employee Siding Contractors in Florida