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For staffing companies, StaffMarket has employee leasing programs that can help your company. Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) have helped thousands of small and mid-sized businesses obtain better employee benefits for their employees and access competitively priced workers compensation insurance.

Like many companies, staffing companies have discovered that as their business grows, the administrative aspects require more and more time. Eventually the company needs to hire additional administrative staff or outsource those tasks to a third party. As the regulatory and legal environment for business gets more complicated many companies have hired a PEO or employee leasing company to handle those non-revenue producing activities that do not enhance the staffing companies bottom line.

We can provide staffing companies with several competitive employee leasing and PEO quotes. We identify the best solutions available and provide multiple options for your business.

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Here are some of the staffing companies we have helped find their best PEO and employee leasing solution

Health care staffing company looking to expand into multiple new states and would like a Professional Employer Organization to support this growth

47 Employee Staffing Company in California

This company is a health care staffing company in business for 6 years that provides staffing and VA outpatient services. Their HQ and main operations are in California and they are expanding in to Arizona, New Mexico and Florida. They are primarily interested in payroll, HR and work comp coverage and they also want to learn more know about your health insurance options as well.

15 Employee Staffing Company in California

This company is two partners with significant staffing experience, that have been doing direct employee placement for the last year and is now wanting to get started in staffing. Their staffing focus will be on clerical, finance & accounting, management and skilled trades. They already have clients lined up and just needing W/C coverage to proceed. Resumes of the two principles are attached along with a their business plan and proposal and some initial placement estimates.

12 Employee Staffing Company in California

This is a new staffing company that will be providing skilled health care employees to only hospitals and large companies, no small clinics of rehab facilities.

13 Employee Staffing Company in Texas

This is a start up, medical staffing company that will start in MI but with plans to service other states down the road. They need to start with a Professional Employer Organization soon to service their first 2 employees, the owner/sales and a recruiter. I have requested the contact to furnish me estimates for employee and payroll growth over the next 2 years, and that follows; • At month 6 expect to have 10 Nurses with $0.800M annualized payroll • At month 12 expect to have 24 Nurses with $1.92M annualized payroll • At month 24 expect to have 36 Nurses with $2.880M annualized payroll • At month 12 and month 24 expect to have 1 Operations Manager with $75K annualized payroll They have also engaged the services of Medical Staffing Consultants, to help them get started. This is a consulting company that has been around for over 20 years and has an 87% success rates. They have a 3 year contract for their services. The plan is to provide higher margin health care workers and will require the ability to offer a quality benefit package in order to competitively recruit. An short resume for the owner is attached.

2 Employee Staffing Company in Michigan

Company is a starting a hospitality staffing agency. They would like basic payroll, workers comp, and employee administration. They also want to leverage technology as much as possible with regards to onboarding, and the employees experience.

1100 Employee Staffing Company in Nevada

Company is a new staffing agency that has been awarded a contract from a local gov't agency. 10ee's for a year doing community outreach. A loss affidavit has been requested.

12 Employee Staffing Company in Pennsylvania

Company is a new staffing agency that offers employees to the meat packaging manufacturing industry.

16 Employee Staffing Company in California

Company is a staffing agency that specializes in electricians. They use Professional Employer Organization now, but think they might be paying too much.

27 Employee Staffing Company in Arizona

This company is a startup, CDL A and B driver staffing company. Typically, startup staffing doesn't get much love, but the owner of this company has several years of experience. I listed 5 total EEs on this RFP but the truth is that he's not sure how many drivers he will start with and intends to grow EEs as quickly as possible. He's noted that his drivers should make between $30,000 and $45,000/yr. A copy of the owner's resume is attached.

5 Employee Staffing Company in Florida

This company currently operates as a recruiter and the contact is the owner and only employee. He works with Fortune 50 to Fortune 500 companies within supply chain. Some manufacturing. However, primarily warehousing, distribution and logistics. He's obtain $2 in investments and is now branching out to temps and temp to perms. They expect to start staffing in FL, TX and GA but growth could come from any state. Estimated expectation of staffed employee growth over the next 12 to 24 months - 12 months 195 and 24 months 430.

120 Employee Staffing Company in Georgia

Company has held previous C-Level HR positions at Fortune 500 companies. He is now starting a healthcare staffing and recruiting company. There is no workers comp, or payroll history available.

5 Employee Staffing Company in Nevada

This company is a new staffing company that specializes in health care. They have recently received a new contract and they now need to obtain W/Comp coverage. Their estimate is to start with the number of EEs listed on this RFP and then their estimates for adding EEs is 15 in 6 months, 20 in 12 months and 30 in 24 months

7 Employee Staffing Company in California

Company is a staffing agency. They have used the same Professional Employer Organization for the last 2-3 years, and feel its time to check the marketplace. Underwriting information has been requested.

17 Employee Staffing Company in California

Company is a start up staffing company. They are looking for help with employee admin, payroll admin, and workers comp. Payroll information below has been estimated based on the types of clients they will be targeting. Your contact is located in Tn, with Wy expected to be the future corporate office location. Ownership industry history has been requested.

35 Employee Staffing Company in Wyoming

Company is a staffing company that is using a Professional Employer Organization now. They would like to check the marketplace for better service and more competitive rates. The contact says they processed 3400 W-2's last year. Loss runs and payroll report are attached. Please contact Chris at StaffMarket before contacting the client directly.

2015 Employee Staffing Company in California

We are a mid size staffing company which only services the auto auction industry. We provide title clerks, block clerks, admins, accounting help. Most of our business though is to provide porters who park and drive vehicles on the auction property. We DO NOT drive off our client's premise. We are not a Car/auto transport company. We provide drivers who park vehicles on a daily basis to help our customer get ready for the next week's auction sale. We have a very low unemployment rate and are very hands on. We deal with low wage workers. We have incurred significant expenses due to poor management of our Worker's compensation carrier, FUBA. They allowed claims to skyrocket, did not deny any claims although we always present facts assist. Due to that we were cancelled this last year and are now with a subprime insurance carrier. Our client requires an alternate employer endorsement, general liability with non owned auto and workers comp. also a small policy for theft of 100K.

88 Employee Staffing Company in Florida

Company is opening a nurse staffing company targeting an April 2020 kick off. Your contact has owned, operated, and sold staffing companies in the past. The purpose of the RFP is to get numbers together for the business plan and eventually select the right vendor.

40 Employee Staffing Company in Tennessee

This company is a private equity firm that is buying the assets of a staffing company that provides employees that provide various aspects of maintenance to commercial aircraft. They are interested in outsourcing all back office functions.

11 Employee Staffing Company in New York

This is a staffing company currently utilizing a EOR and is wanting to move to a Professional Employer Organization.

16 Employee Staffing Company in California