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For supermarkets, StaffMarket has employee leasing programs that can help your company. Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) have helped thousands of small and mid-sized businesses obtain better employee benefits for their employees and access competitively priced workers compensation insurance.

Like many companies, supermarkets have discovered that as their business grows, the administrative aspects require more and more time. Eventually the company needs to hire additional administrative staff or outsource those tasks to a third party. As the regulatory and legal environment for business gets more complicated many companies have hired a PEO or employee leasing company to handle those non-revenue producing activities that do not enhance the supermarkets bottom line.

We can provide supermarkets with several competitive employee leasing and PEO quotes. We identify the best solutions available and provide multiple options for your business.

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Here are some of the supermarkets we have helped find their best PEO and employee leasing solution

This is a small market that is needing to add a benefits package in order to attract EEs. They have a market in OK and will be adding another market in TX soon.

4 Employee Supermarkets in Oklahoma

Company is four separate entities that do mining operations in six states. They are primarily looking at saving premium on the workers comp, but are also curious about additional employee administration, and benefits. I have a complete submission, including loss runs, headcounts and wages by state, and an Acord app. The company shopped the Professional Employer Organization market a little over a year ago, but was unable to find a Professional Employer Organization that would take the risk. Introductions to the client will be based on whether or not you can confidently provide a quote. Please do not contact the client until asked. for understanding.

379 Employee Supermarkets in Virginia

This company is a grocery supply company that has gone through significant growth over the past 12 months. He is interested in how a Professional Employer Organization can help him offload all the HR overhead, that the owner seems to be dealing with, and also build a benefit compensation package that he can afford and use to maintain staff. A census and LRs are attached. Please introduce yourself by email and then ask to schedule your first phone conversation.

19 Employee Supermarkets in Wisconsin

The owner began roofing with his father at age 12. He went on to receive numerous awards in trades competition before starting his company in 1991. Since its founding, the company has focused on re-roofing and service, not new construction., Over the years he grew the company to become a multi-million dollar producer, especially during years when hurricanes drove demand. In the absence of storm-driven demand he would shift toward lower-cost, higher-margin service work. While profitable, revenue and costs are lower. In 2019-20 his sales dipped down to (projected Annual) $600,000 and in October, 2020 his worker compensation carrier dropped him due to low premium volume. Today his company is taking a leap forward, entering the solar roofing market as an installer for Tesla. This opportunity offers a dependable revenue source at attractive margins, and allows Ron West Roofing to continue its development and expansion of Inspections, Repairs and Maintenance services. In addition to a steady and growing backlog of roofing projects, Tesla promotes workplace safety, The company is anxious to continue in development of our people by partnering with a quality Professional Employer Organization who can provide quality benefits, as well as help us re-establish our workers compensation coverage. We have general liability and auto insurance needs met at this time, but those services can always be negotiated if/when opportunities present themselves. The owner has explained to me that the typical Tesla install group consists of 6 installers. They already have jobs booked and will start with just one install group but expects to add additional install groups as orders build and they are able to attract and obtain the right personnel. Their goal is to grow with a more professional roofing workforce and would eventually like to add a group health care plan to help facilitate attracting those type of EEs. Loss Run reports have been requested and will be forwarded to you as soon as received.

9 Employee Supermarkets in Florida

This new company is is an online market place for providers of rental baby gear. The owner is currently in the San Francisco area but will be moving to NM and HQ the business their. Their employee all work remotely and can be located anywhere in the country. They have already contacted 3 Professional Employer Organizations and are in the process of obtaining quotes from them. To be honest, I don't see any of those 3 as being a good fit for this account. I have obtained a census and a form that provides a bit more detail on their operations, and those files are attached to this RFP. I am still working to obtain LRs but the owner is reporting zero W/C claims. Reaching your minimum participation requirements for your large group health care coverage may be a problem at this point, so a standard market stop gap plan may be required. Please make sure to discuss these options with the owner.

8 Employee Supermarkets in New Mexico

Company is a commercial service and maintenance provider for kitchen equipment in restaurants. They want to start offering benefits for their employees. Your contact has already gone to the standard market on his own, and also with a broker.

12 Employee Supermarkets in Indiana

The company is a seasonal, diversified farm that integrates livestock, orchards and gardens. They also operate a market that sells their meats, produce and prepared foods. The operation is actually owned by a private equity group out of Denver that utilizes Professional Employer Organizations for some of their other portfolio companies and the contact on this RFP works for the private equity group. The private equity group feels they need help with all around HR, so they are looking at what options may be available. A copy of their current W/C dec is attached and they are verbally reporting zero claims but I am still working to obtain actual LRs. I have also attached a brief description of their operations that the contact sent to me.

24 Employee Supermarkets in Vermont

Small handyman service that needs to hire its first employee for a year long project to replace convenience store cooler doors. He has a standard market quote for workers comp only that is more than $5k/year. Beat it, and you'll probably win the business.

1 Employee Supermarkets in Colorado

We are a specialized economic consulting firm that determines damages in business and intellectual property disputes and values closely held businesses and intangible assets. We have two W-2 employees including me, the owner, and my wife. We are mainly interested in the Professional Employer Organization for health benefits. We have been buying in the individual market but Fulton County, GA is going down to 1 provider next year with very limited plans. Secondarily, we would be interested in payroll processing.

1 Employee Supermarkets in Georgia

This company is a staffing company that is based in AZ and currently has one client in MI and fulfills the contract with OH based EEs and covers them with OH W/C. He is now getting a CA client and needs W/C coverage for them. He would prefer a Professional Employer Organization that could cover all of his EEs, but the priority is obtaining coverage for CA. His new client in CA is a grocery chain and they will be supplying cold storage and drivers EEs.

57 Employee Supermarkets in Arizona

This company is a start up tech company. They are building a database system for individuals to store their own personal health info that can then be shared. They need to run their first payroll Nov 15th, so we need to move quickly. They will start with EEs in FL, CO, OR and VA. At this point, they need to provide health care coverage to only one EE in CO. We will need the Professional Employer Organization to either obtain that coverage on the open market or have the EE continue current coverage through COBRA. The current coverage is a low deductible Cadillac plan. The primary contact is out of town until Monday so present quote to me and I will present to a principle.

5 Employee Supermarkets in Colorado

Company is an eye care practice. They were notified that their Assurant plan is not being renewed. When they went out to market with a broker, the rates came back around $500 per month for a high deductible plan. They currently use ADP for payroll, and are hoping a Professional Employer Organization can help them with their health renewal that takes place on August 31st.

24 Employee Supermarkets in Texas

This company is research and development group associated with Rutgers University. They are about to add EEs in their NJ facility and they don't want the hassle of HR related admin. They would be interested in group health care if available, or is open to just obtaining standard market coverage once established. The RFP states that they operate in CA, NJ and NY but the only covered EEs will be in NJ. They do expect to be at 2 full time and 1 part time fairly soon. Here is their description of operations. "We are engaged in the research and development of novel meta-materials. We use metal, plastic and ceramic powders under the same conditions of heat and pressure that you would find in a restaurant kitchen. A small percentage of our experimental work includes higher temperatures that you would find in a conventional pottery operation. There are no hazardous materials in any of our work. All the physical sciences work takes place in an accredited and permitted Rutgers University lab, where our personnel are working as accredited visiting scientists. For the next 1-2 years we do not expect to own or rent any premises. Employees, consultants and contractors will work from their own premises or at Rutgers as described above."

2 Employee Supermarkets in New Jersey

Company is a surveyor that is using a Professional Employer Organization now but wants to get other competitive quotes to compare against possibly bringing in house. They have already received a standard market workers comp quote. Loss information is attached.

11 Employee Supermarkets in Florida

This company is a web development and site hosting company. They started using a Professional Employer Organization several years back, but when they started adding EEs for various state, their Professional Employer Organization could not service those states, so they serviced them under an ASO arrangement. So the EEs within VA are in a Professional Employer Organization model, and the EEs outside of VA are in an ASO model, from the same vendor. A few months back, this company's Professional Employer Organization sales person left that Professional Employer Organization and went to another. The rep then approached this company saying he could save them significant money by moving them to his new Professional Employer Organization where they would give the company SUTA and FUTA cutoffs. This company had no idea they were not getting the cutoffs all these years and are very upset about the situation. They now do want to move out of their current Professional Employer Organization, and they want nothing to do with that rep, so they have come to me looking for help. They currently have a standard market Anthem plan and it appears that the standard market W/C policy that they had to cover their ASO EEs, was also used to cover their Professional Employer Organization EEs. So since they've not really utilized much of a Professional Employer Organization's value, they are not even sure they want to continue with a Professional Employer Organization over going all ASO. I convinced them to gather both Professional Employer Organization and ASO quotes and then make that decision. They do not currently have any plans to add additional EEs, but when they do, the EE could reside in any state. Therefore, any Professional Employer Organization would need the ability to cover their EEs in any state.

12 Employee Supermarkets in Virginia

This company is a nurse staffing company that provides staff to Hospice operators in the Houston area. Back in 2013, they engaged in a ASO relationship and obtained standard market W/Comp coverage. However, they disengaged in the ASO and the billing for the W/C was not delivered to the client. Once they realized the situation, they had already been canceled for nonpayment. This happened around Feb of 2014 and they have not been able to obtain coverage since. So they are now trying the Professional Employer Organization market to obtain coverage. The contact is working to obtain recently run LRs.

20 Employee Supermarkets in Texas

This company is a GC specializing in commercial interiors. Their only motivation in seeking out a Professional Employer Organization is to participate in a Professional Employer Organization's large group health plan. They will not consider standard market as they can get that on their own and don't feel they need the other services of a Professional Employer Organization. They have 6 EEs of which one in on Medicare and the other 5 will be participating in the group plan. A census and W/Comp LRs have be requested and will be forwarded on as received.

6 Employee Supermarkets in Texas

This company may potentially become a 4 EE Dr's office. They are currently a practice that is breaking up and one do the existing Dr.s may buy the patient list and open a new office. This RFP addresses this new office. They are most likely too small for a Professional Employer Organization large group plan so standard market is their option. A census is attached.

4 Employee Supermarkets in Florida

This company is the largest distributor of casters and wheels used on grocery carts and medical equipment, in the US. They currently utilize a large Professional Employer Organization, but they are not happy with the Professional Employer Organization or their group medical carrier, Aetna. This company also has an associated management company. The underwriting documentation I have collected is numerous and I will deliver those to you in a separate e-mails.

40 Employee Supermarkets in Texas

This new company is a manufacturer and marketer of filtration, separation and silencing equipment. The currently use a local Professional Employer Organization but they are not happy with the service they are receiving and they now want to change Professional Employer Organizations. At this time, they obtain standard market Anthem health care coverage and they would like to keep that plan moving forward. They have already obtained quotes from TotalSource and Insperity. They will need time clock integrations and the contact likes some of the online resources she's been shown. Please review her list of service requirements below. Loss runs, current Professional Employer Organization invoice detail and partial census are attached.

82 Employee Supermarkets in Illinois