Massachusetts Businesses Reviewing Their PEO Options.

Since 1999 StaffMarket has assisted nearly 20,000 business owners and company executives identify and compare the best PEO alternatives for their companies. Every company considering joining a PEO is unique in their needs and expectations. At the same time, every PEO has their own unique acceptance criteria and only allows companies to join their PEO if the client company meets their requirements for:

  • Preferred business type.
  • Workers' compensation insurance.
  • Company size.
  • Average wage.
  • Massachusetts and out of state business locations.

For businesses seeking access to group health insurance for their Massachusetts employees, PEOs may offer a program that helps their customers meet ACA requirements and provides cost advantages over other standard market health insurance alternatives. Once again, every PEO varies in their ability to offer access to Massachusetts health insurance plans for their client companies.

In Massachusetts, StaffMarket has helped hundreds of companies quickly identify and assess their best options for joining a PEO. Companies large and small have used StaffMarket to get industry insight and competitive proposals from Professional Employer Organizations operating in Massachusetts.

We can provide Massachusetts Companies with several competitive employee leasing and PEO quotes. We identify the best solutions available and provide multiple options for your business.

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Here is a quick overview of just some of the businesses in Massachusetts who have used StaffMarket to review their PEO options and to find the right PEO for their company.

Company is a residential remodeling company. They would like to start offering benefits, and realize they need to bring their independent contractors on as W-2 employees.

4 Employee Company

Company is opening a new non profit. They need payroll and benefits for the new Executive Director they are hiring.

1 Employee Company

Company is a non-profit that helps parents and families. They have been shown a large increase in their Dec 1st health renewal rates. They would like to see how a Professional Employer Organization can help lower those rates, and also mitigate against future increases.

20 Employee Company

Company is forming a new group of Delaware companies planning to launch a network of indoor recreational centers in Massachusetts and other states and searching for a Professional Employer Organization for this project. Please email the client first to set up a phone call.

60 Employee Company

This company installs handicap access equipment like ramps and handrails. They currently only have 3 employees and they are at a point where they want to make a decision to either grow and add additional EEs or just stay with what they have. However, to grow they feel that they would need to provide health care coverage in order to attract EEs, so they are interested in how a Professional Employer Organization could help.

5 Employee Company

Company is a craft beer brewery with attached taproom and retail. They are interested in offering benefits to their employees.

6 Employee Company

This is a small pharmaceutical trial's consulting practice with just two full time EE, a married couple, and two part time EEs. Their issue is primarily group health. A census is attached.

4 Employee Company

Company specializes in data integration across different software platforms. They would like to see how a Professional Employer Organization can help with employee administration and lower insurance costs. They do not want any plans that offer Tufts medical plans. A census is attached.

16 Employee Company

Company is a contractor with 2 offices located in Florida and Massachusetts performing Roofing, Waterproofing, Sheetmetal, Carpentry and Painting.

15 Employee Company

This company is a new entity being started by the nonprofit Freedom for All Americans. This new MA based entity will start hiring around the first of June and expect the full time group to grow to 7 to 10 EEs fairly quickly, and will then add 20ish part time EEs over the summer. This is a political action group setting up to inform the people of MA on legislation concerning the LGBT community. They will require their new Professional Employer Organization provide the employees with group health care coverage and it must provide coverage for transgender and non-gender conforming individuals.

5 Employee Company

This company is a home, non-medical, caregiver service that has become curious about utilizing a Professional Employer Organization by other franchise owners. But his current W/Comp provider, Travelers, has communicated to them that they are no longer renewing policies in this industry, so he needs to find new coverage by June. LRs and dec page are attached. A Mod worksheet and ACORD are being worked on. Also a list of requirements provided by the contact is also attached to this RFP.

30 Employee Company

Company is a general contractor that is looking to grow and offer health insurance and 401k benefits to attract better employees.

3 Employee Company

This company is a startup private equity group that is interested in outsourcing all HR related admin and benefit compensation products. At this time, they still do not have their Federal Tax Id. A census is attached.

5 Employee Company

Company is a cleaning service that wants to shed the HR, payroll, and admin. Loss runs and Acord app are attached. Also attached is a company interview form under additional information. Please take time to review the interview form, as this will be a "value-add" sell to the client. Brought by a new independent rep, so please contact Chris before contacting the producer.

43 Employee Company

This company does local low bed work moving small excavators and dozers. They also do some stepdeck work over the road but no tarping. They also sell some heavy equipment part time. They haven't had to carry W/Comp until now and they are interested in a Professional Employer Organization to cover them.

4 Employee Company

Company is a clinical business consultant, with employees in several states, as noted on the attached benefits census. They are interested in the full suite of coverage, including healthcare. The company is new to the Professional Employer Organization relationship, so take your time explaining how it works.

40 Employee Company

Company is in the B2B giftcard promotional industry. They are looking for better health benefits. They have employees in Ma - Fl - Ri - Or - Ny.

14 Employee Company

Company is a hardware store that is using a Professional Employer Organization now. They are having service issues, and feel the current Professional Employer Organization is too big for them. Additional info has been requested.

8 Employee Company

Company is a construction staffing company that works in Ma and Nh. Initially they wanted to get quotes only for the electricians, but I explained that you'll need to cover all the employees. So please take your time explaining the relationship to the contact.

75 Employee Company

Company is an educational center that has had some problems with their workers comp claims. While reviewing the loss runs, several of the claims have ZERO values, with other claims being under $1000. So it seems as though a nice deductible plan tied in with onsite claims training would be beneficial. .

500 Employee Company