Montana Businesses Reviewing Their PEO Options.

Since 1999 StaffMarket has assisted nearly 20,000 business owners and company executives identify and compare the best PEO alternatives for their companies. Every company considering joining a PEO is unique in their needs and expectations. At the same time, every PEO has their own unique acceptance criteria and only allows companies to join their PEO if the client company meets their requirements for:

  • Preferred business type.
  • Workers' compensation insurance.
  • Company size.
  • Average wage.
  • Montana and out of state business locations.

For businesses seeking access to group health insurance for their Montana employees, PEOs may offer a program that helps their customers meet ACA requirements and provides cost advantages over other standard market health insurance alternatives. Once again, every PEO varies in their ability to offer access to Montana health insurance plans for their client companies.

In Montana, StaffMarket has helped hundreds of companies quickly identify and assess their best options for joining a PEO. Companies large and small have used StaffMarket to get industry insight and competitive proposals from Professional Employer Organizations operating in Montana.

We can provide Montana Companies with several competitive employee leasing and PEO quotes. We identify the best solutions available and provide multiple options for your business.

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Here is a quick overview of just some of the businesses in Montana who have used StaffMarket to review their PEO options and to find the right PEO for their company.

This company does excavation and landscaping services in the Kalispell Montana area. The owner has over 30 years of experience in the business and their business is booming with all of the people and businesses moving into NW Montana. Since Montana is a monopolistic state of Workers Comp, they may need some assistance navigating that with the state. They have had no claims. Check out their website link here to get a good idea of the kinds of work they do. The contact here is the spouse of the owner-operator. They would like to get moving by the first week of September.

7 Employee Company

Notes from the company: We provide tax services for large corporations. We assist them primarily in recovery of IRS interest and penalty assessments. We also assist companies with misc IRS problems.

1 Employee Company

This is a startup that does drywall, tile and concrete grinding and leveling. He will start with one EE, hopes to have a 2nd within a month and expects to have 4 by year's in. Says business is booming in MT and pay rates are high.

1 Employee Company

This company is based in ND and is having difficulty maintaining his group health care coverage due to falling below 10 participating employees at times. He is also looking for W/C coverage options for work being performed in states around ND. So he looking into Professional Employer Organization options to help him address these two issues. He explained that his company basically paint pipes and valves before they are installed or afterwards for the oil and gas industry. Their max working height is 25ft and all crew members are 3rd party certified for aerial lift and harness safety protocols. Most of their work is performed in ND but they have recently obtain a contract to do work in WY. They also participate in a 3rd party certification provider called IS Networld, an any Professional Employer Organization they utilize would need to maintain their proof of W/C coverage with ISN. This is mission critical for them as their clients rely on ISN to confirm that the participating contractors are current on all required coverages and certifications. But one of the issues I've uncovered is that BCBS seems to be about the only viable carrier in ND.

3 Employee Company

Company provides zero carbon specialty chemicals. They are interested in how a Professional Employer Organization can help with shedding the employee administration and leverage size for better health benefits. They offer a BCBS plan now. 4 of the employees are in WA, with the remaining 18 in Mt. The contact requests you send an email introduction to set up the initial contact. Please review their complete list of benefits/services request below.

20 Employee Company

This company is a startup HVAC company that is starting out with himself and 2 other EEs. They expect to grow quickly and they just don't want to have to deal with all the HR admin and regulatory overhead. A loss history affidavit has been requested.

3 Employee Company

This is a fire, water and smoke restoration company. They are currently utilizing a Professional Employer Organization that is over charging them and they want to make a move. They have verbally reported having zero W/Comp claims but they are working to obtain actual LRs. I have used W/C code 9014 for all their field EEs on this RFP. However, he mentioned that they may also need to utilize codes 2585 and 5437.

7 Employee Company

This company is a nurse contract staffing firm. This group is only made up of the staffed nurses. The clerical and management work under a different entity. They are interested in how a Professional Employer Organization can help them reduce the complexities of sending EEs into any state and they are also investigating options to provide their EEs with medical coverage.

10 Employee Company

Company is an R&D company that specializes in vaccines. They do everything in house now, but have used PayPlus in the past. They are interested in payroll administration, workers comp, benefits and 401k.

5 Employee Company

Company is a start up general contractor that is primarily interested in medical benefits and outsourcing payroll admin. A census and W/C loss statement have been attached.

7 Employee Company

Company manufacturers components for log homes. This is a new facility and they need W/C and payroll admin. They are projected to have 8 EEs with about $173,000 in payroll by July, and expect to continue to expand. A loss run report has been attached to the RFP.

8 Employee Company

Company transports and disposes medical waste. They are with a Professional Employer Organization now, but would like to review the workers comp rates outside the state fund. They currently have employees in MT,ND,UT,AL, and FL. Please include a benefits plan description with your quote. Additional information is attached, with loss information on the way.

29 Employee Company

Company is a non profit public foundation that administers grants. They want access to better health plan. A benefits census and loss affidavit have been requested. for participating.

6 Employee Company

Company does medical waste pick-up and disposal. They were with a MT-based Professional Employer Organization, but got dropped, as that firm could not handle the out-of-state exposure - client has operations in AL, FL, MN, MT, ND and UT. Breakdown of payroll by state, as well as billing attached (copy of billing from current Professional Employer Organization). Loss runs requested, client is looking to be set up to run first payroll on 5/15, so if this is something you can work with, needs to move fast. for participating.

26 Employee Company

International Scholarship Not For Profit Program. for participating.

1 Employee Company

Masonry company with operations in MT and CO, looking to put the two in separate companies, covering the MT operation through a Professional Employer Organization. They are currently with MT state fund. Loss runs have been requested, based on her comments. They are moving offices, so might be a couple days before she has them. Note that when a long-term job is completed in MT, employees have the ability to move to CO and work there, so there is some crossing over of employees between companies, but it is done on a long-term basis... for participating.

28 Employee Company

Company is a non-profit, they manage endowments. Benefits/health insurance is the primary driver, so census has been requested. for participating.

7 Employee Company

Full service accounting firm, touted as the largest private accounting firm in Billings. Been in current form/operation for 22 years. Benefits are the key driver, census has been requested. Work comp code might be better at 8803... for participating.

15 Employee Company