New Hampshire Businesses Reviewing Their PEO Options.

Since 1999 StaffMarket has assisted nearly 20,000 business owners and company executives identify and compare the best PEO alternatives for their companies. Every company considering joining a PEO is unique in their needs and expectations. At the same time, every PEO has their own unique acceptance criteria and only allows companies to join their PEO if the client company meets their requirements for:

  • Preferred business type.
  • Workers' compensation insurance.
  • Company size.
  • Average wage.
  • New Hampshire and out of state business locations.

For businesses seeking access to group health insurance for their New Hampshire employees, PEOs may offer a program that helps their customers meet ACA requirements and provides cost advantages over other standard market health insurance alternatives. Once again, every PEO varies in their ability to offer access to New Hampshire health insurance plans for their client companies.

In New Hampshire, StaffMarket has helped hundreds of companies quickly identify and assess their best options for joining a PEO. Companies large and small have used StaffMarket to get industry insight and competitive proposals from Professional Employer Organizations operating in New Hampshire.

We can provide New Hampshire Companies with several competitive employee leasing and PEO quotes. We identify the best solutions available and provide multiple options for your business.

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Here is a quick overview of just some of the businesses in New Hampshire who have used StaffMarket to review their PEO options and to find the right PEO for their company.

This company is a good sized excavation operation and they are seeking access to a health insurance plan for their employees. A benefits census for the group is available at the website. Contact us if you have any questions about this account.

29 Employee Company

Company is an interactive children's science center. They are separating themselves from the parent company, and want a Professional Employer Organization to better focus on the employee admin at the facility.

9 Employee Company

Company specializes in managing trade show displays, including storing and managing logistics of each exhibit. They also coordinate assembly and disassembly through third party contractors. Your contact recently purchased the company on September 1st. They are familiar with the Professional Employer Organization concept, as they use one at another company.

6 Employee Company

This company is an assisted living facility based in NH that is looking to either reduce their current group medical rates or improve the coverage with like rates. They are currently utilizing a Harvard Medical HMO. A good deal of underwriting documentation has been collected and will be supplied in a separate em as requested.

178 Employee Company

This company provides insurance investigative services in several New England states and initially came to us looking for a Professional Employer Organization that could help them with the HR admin that comes with a growing company with EEs in multiple states. They were also interested in a Professional Employer Organizations group medical program. However, after realizing their low participation in a group health program, high number of part time EEs and some of the W/C codes they work under, I came to the conclusion that maybe a Professional Employer Organization would not be a fit for them and that an ASO model would work better. Their biggest priorities are outsourcing (labor laws, osha, etc.) and an advisor who could assist with other issues as they come up. They are a small company and are trying to determine what the best course of action will be as they grow

33 Employee Company

Company is actually two separate entities specializing in frozen ice cream in retail shops.

57 Employee Company

This is a residential cleaning service operating in NH and northern MA. They are interested in leveraging a Professional Employer Organization for payroll, perhaps other H/R related functions, and Workers Comp coverage. While I classify the employees as part time, they do work between 30 and 35 hours a week and our average payroll for the employees is around $200,000 a year. One of the things that drew me to this was in terms of the WC coverage and getting into a pay as you go type of arrangement. We generate amply revenues to cover the payments on a weekly basis, but are hard pressed to come up with the down payment on the regular insurance coverage.

14 Employee Company

Company does carpentry and framing for commercial 2 story buildings. Loss runs are attached.

14 Employee Company

Company makes gift and home decor using stone and wood. They are interested in how a Professional Employer Organization can help them with payroll, workers comp, and employee handbooks.

10 Employee Company

Company is a dry cleaning company with 7 locations. They are relatively familiar with the Professional Employer Organization concept, and are only interested in payroll administration, and workers comp.

53 Employee Company

Company is a non profit that helps survivors of domestic or sexual violence. They are interested in the full suite of services, as listed below. They currently offer an Anthem BCBS and Delta Dental, and pay 80% of the premiums. The company says it is best to reach her around 9am, and never on Wed afternoons, as they are in a staff meeting.

16 Employee Company

This company is a moving and storage company and they say that they are currently engaged with a Professional Employer Organization called Surge Industries. However, their loss runs are directly from Liberty Mutual and their payroll is processed by ADP. They are shopping as a way to hopefully lower some of their costs. They also have 2 EEs taking medical and 2 taking Life, so these issues will also need to be addressed. Loss runs and a recent payroll report are attached.

17 Employee Company

4 Employee Company

Company distributes goods and services to the fire and safety industry. They have employees in NH - NY - CT - PA - VA - MO - IL. A complete breakdown including headcount, class code, and wages by state is attached. Also attached is a recent health quote they received. They use ADP for payroll now, and their main goal is to consolidate the different divisions health plans.

134 Employee Company

Company is a start up provider of temp CDL drivers. He's primarily interested in obtaining W/C along with payroll/tax admin. A W/C loss statement is attached.

5 Employee Company

Company is a carpentry contractor that is looking to outsource all of his admin associated with payroll, taxes and W/Comp. The company is reporting zero W/Comp claims and is working to obtain a loss run report. His dec page is attached.

5 Employee Company

Company is a start up contract sales group with only 3 EEs at this point, but plan to start adding 10 more EEs within 3 months. They are interested in outsourcing their HR admin but also putting together a benefits program.

3 Employee Company

Company markets and develops medical devices. They currently use a Professional Employer Organization, but are unhappy with the health plan. They plan to make switch to a new Professional Employer Organization in Jan. 2006, and are close to a contract with a Professional Employer Organization, but there is a provider network problem with their offering...local hospital not in the network. They require nationwide PPO health plan that would be exactly the same for all employees regardless of geography. A list of the states they work in has been requested. They would also like HR support services in addition to benefits and payroll administration such as local HR rep...HR business and development...recruiting support, etc.

70 Employee Company

Company is a transportation company. They have employees in NH, and TN. They have been dropped by AIG, so they need help quick. A complete loss history is attached.

53 Employee Company

Company polishes and seals concrete, marble, and stone floors. They use a payroll service for one of their other companies, but would like to shed the administrative functions of this company. Health rates are the main focus here. Census attached, thanks for participating.

6 Employee Company