Tennessee Businesses Reviewing Their PEO Options.

Since 1999 StaffMarket has assisted nearly 20,000 business owners and company executives identify and compare the best PEO alternatives for their companies. Every company considering joining a PEO is unique in their needs and expectations. At the same time, every PEO has their own unique acceptance criteria and only allows companies to join their PEO if the client company meets their requirements for:

  • Preferred business type.
  • Workers' compensation insurance.
  • Company size.
  • Average wage.
  • Tennessee and out of state business locations.

For businesses seeking access to group health insurance for their Tennessee employees, PEOs may offer a program that helps their customers meet ACA requirements and provides cost advantages over other standard market health insurance alternatives. Once again, every PEO varies in their ability to offer access to Tennessee health insurance plans for their client companies.

In Tennessee, StaffMarket has helped hundreds of companies quickly identify and assess their best options for joining a PEO. Companies large and small have used StaffMarket to get industry insight and competitive proposals from Professional Employer Organizations operating in Tennessee.

We can provide Tennessee Companies with several competitive employee leasing and PEO quotes. We identify the best solutions available and provide multiple options for your business.

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Here is a quick overview of just some of the businesses in Tennessee who have used StaffMarket to review their PEO options and to find the right PEO for their company.

Company is a roofer that is looking for pay-as-you-go workers comp, and payroll.

6 Employee Company

Company is opening a nurse staffing company targeting an April 2020 kick off. Your contact has owned, operated, and sold staffing companies in the past. The purpose of the RFP is to get numbers together for the business plan and eventually select the right vendor.

40 Employee Company

The company is a carpentry company that will do remodels as well as new construction, but no roof work.

3 Employee Company

Company is a long haul trucking company with physical locations in all four states. They are interested in converting these independent contractors into employees.

15 Employee Company

This company is a commercial and residential painting contractor. He is wanting to add a benefits plan in order to reward and maintain his core group of EEs. The contact has verbally indicated they have a W/C MOD of .86 but I have not yet received the underwriting documentation that I have requested. That documentation will be passed along to you once I do receive it. An RFP of reference jobs is attached under "Additional Information"

10 Employee Company

Company is a janitorial service looking for basic workers comp, and payroll.

15 Employee Company

CPA firm providing concierge accounting and tax preparation/representation services to small businesses in Tennessee

1 Employee Company

Company is an online website that provides consulting for writers. Their CFO for hire has been asked to replace their current Professional Employer Organization. No benefits are offered right now, but they would like to consider them in the future.

3 Employee Company

This company is a new underground utilities contractor that needs to establish W/C and payroll quickly. The lead was actually an Allstate agent that will also act as a backup contact. They listed having 2 - 10 EEs with an estimated annualized payroll of 200,000

5 Employee Company

Company is a revenue management company. A division within their company has contracted with the government to administer the student loan program. In that agreement, they are mandated to spend a certain portion of their revenue on outsourcing, with a "Small Business". The following designations are preferred, but not required - SDB (Small-Disadvantaged Business), WOSB (Woman-Owned Small Business), VOSB (Veteran Owned Small Business) SDVOSB (Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business) or HUBZone (Historically Underutilized Business Zones).. They are looking for one, or three separate small regional Professional Employer Organization's to handle 178 ee's in NY, 221 ee's in TN, and 3 ee's in NH.

400 Employee Company

This company is a small lawn irrigation company

1 Employee Company

This company is a small developer of assisted living facilities. The company is just the partners at this point but they need to add an admin person now and a project manager in about 5 months, and they don't want to take on the responsibilities of HR admin. I only listed the initial amin EE on this RFP but the project manager will make in the range of $70,000/yr

1 Employee Company

This company is a franchised, senior care custodial service provider. The contact is the Dir of Finance and a past franchisee of a custodial service provider herself. She had used a Professional Employer Organization for her business and really appreciated the service. However, that Professional Employer Organization shut down abruptly and left her is a difficult situation. She has been trying to talk the owner of this franchise into considering a Professional Employer Organization and he has now decided to gather some quotes. Their primary motivation is in lowering their W/C costs and being able to give their EEs to access to some benefit products, including an IRA. Their current MOD is.80 and their current carrier provides them with online safety training and the franchise requires caregivers to take safety training before their first visit. The owner is also involved in what the contact called an "Idea Exchange" with other business people in the area. Their next gathering is in late Feb and he would like to present the benefits of utilizing a Professional Employer Organization at that next meeting. LRs, current W/C DEC and a recent payroll report are attached to this RFP.

67 Employee Company

Company is a chamber of commerce, tourism development type of company. They are currently doing all payroll functions in house and are looking for assistance in the HR/compliance and administration areas. They have their own workers comp and health benefits They are trying to become more productive by not having to deal with employee issues.

35 Employee Company

Company is assuming the operations of a child daycare facility from a hospital sometime in March. They are interested in the full suite of Professional Employer Organization services, but are not 100% certain of the financial feasibility of benefits.

35 Employee Company

Company is a HVAC company. They have recently received their electrical license and will be starting a new entity for minority ownership, and tax benefits.

5 Employee Company

This company is an outsourced service that helps trucking companies obtain permits for oversized and overweight permits from various state DOTs. They are based in TN, but also has EEs in NC and one in PA. Their primary interest in Professional Employer Organization seems to revolve around group medical. They do not currently have any plan in place and feel they will now start to lose EEs due to not having one. They have verbally claimed zero W/C claims but actual LR reports are being obtained. Their SUTA rate in TN is 1.2% and 2.7% in NC. A census is attached to the RFP. The contact person listed on the RFP is a company manager but my original contact and owner is Donald Beeman.

10 Employee Company

Company will be opening a new BBQ restaurant in December. Your contact is the owner, and has used outsourcing in the past.

8 Employee Company

This company is a hotel property management company. They have an affiliate company that they have set up as a Professional Employer Organization that administers their EEs in other states. However, TN is proving to be difficult for them to get licensed in so they have decided to outsource to another Professional Employer Organization for 2 hotels in TN that they are taking the management over. They have a holding company that has never had any EEs and consequently no W/C and they are thinking of placing the EEs from these two properties into that holding company. They would like to make a move soon so try to establish contact quickly.

55 Employee Company

Company is a restaurant and bar looking for workers comp and payroll. They have used a Professional Employer Organization in the past, so they are familiar with the relationship. Feel free to contact them at the second number listed. It's her cell phone.

17 Employee Company