West Virginia Businesses Reviewing Their PEO Options.

Since 1999 StaffMarket has assisted nearly 20,000 business owners and company executives identify and compare the best PEO alternatives for their companies. Every company considering joining a PEO is unique in their needs and expectations. At the same time, every PEO has their own unique acceptance criteria and only allows companies to join their PEO if the client company meets their requirements for:

  • Preferred business type.
  • Workers' compensation insurance.
  • Company size.
  • Average wage.
  • West Virginia and out of state business locations.

For businesses seeking access to group health insurance for their West Virginia employees, PEOs may offer a program that helps their customers meet ACA requirements and provides cost advantages over other standard market health insurance alternatives. Once again, every PEO varies in their ability to offer access to West Virginia health insurance plans for their client companies.

In West Virginia, StaffMarket has helped hundreds of companies quickly identify and assess their best options for joining a PEO. Companies large and small have used StaffMarket to get industry insight and competitive proposals from Professional Employer Organizations operating in West Virginia.

We can provide West Virginia Companies with several competitive employee leasing and PEO quotes. We identify the best solutions available and provide multiple options for your business.

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Here is a quick overview of just some of the businesses in West Virginia who have used StaffMarket to review their PEO options and to find the right PEO for their company.

This company is seeking access to payroll, work comp and health insurance. They operate a bowling alley with a small bar and restaurant. A census is attached to the RFP. It is a very nice establishment.

5 Employee Company

This company does HVAC, plumbing and residential remolding work. He is looking into Professional Employer Organization as a way to add a benefits compensation package for his employees. Loss Run are attached but I am still working to get a proper census from him. Please initiate your contact by email and request time for your initial phone consult. Also, reiterate our need for a completed census.

32 Employee Company

Company is a small farming business raising turkeys, beef cattle, corn, soybeans and hay. Primarily looking to offer benefits to their employees.

4 Employee Company

Company is a residential general contractor. They have used a Professional Employer Organization in the past.

4 Employee Company

Company is a physicians office focused on Orthopedics, with a specialty in Orthopedic Surgery. They offer a Highmark BCBS plan now, and are mostly focused on saving money on benefits. Their payroll is currently handled by a CPA.

8 Employee Company

Company is a dermatological practice with multiple locations. They use a physicians management company now but want to look at how a Professional Employer Organization can help with employee admin, HR, and benefits.

26 Employee Company

This company is a trucking operator that currently has W/C coverage for the mid-Atlantic states but now needs coverage to include the NE up to MA. There are 2 exempt owner/drivers and two W2 drivers. They had been moving fracking materials but since that slow down they are moving lumber. wood pellets and general freight. He is verbally reporting zero W/C claims but is working to obtain LRs.

2 Employee Company

This new company is a start up mining company. Their first mine will be a surface/high wall mining comp,ex with a cleaning preparation plant and train load out. They are looking to expand to other mines within 12 months from this date. They have already received a quote from one local Professional Employer Organization and would like to review several options. They are also looking for the Professional Employer Organization to furnish them with group medical coverage and expect to start operations in a month or two.

42 Employee Company

Company helps families with workforce development, social programs, and household weatherization. They are mainly interested in how a Professional Employer Organization can lower their benefits premiums, and take over the HR functions.

28 Employee Company

Company is a non profit food bank that would like to see how a Professional Employer Organization can help them with administration, workers comp, and benefits.

22 Employee Company

This company is a start up franchised hair salon. They are looking at Professional Employer Organization as a way to simplify their HR admin. This is the first of 3 locations they plan to offer.

8 Employee Company

This company is a start up over the road trucking company that hauls heavy equipment and flatbed freight. They expect to start payroll around the first of July. They've never used a Professional Employer Organization before but they are now interested in getting more detail. The contact said they have another 4 companies that haul coal more locally, and if they like the Professional Employer Organization they select for this new start up they would consider handing over the other 4 companies as well. He said they have approximately a combined 170 EEs in those 4 other companies. The contact said the best time to reach him is at 3:00PM.

8 Employee Company

This is a US Lawns franchise start up that has not yet started operations. Looking for basic services at good rates.

4 Employee Company

Company is a saw mill. They are mainly interested in lowering the premiums on their insurance products, and help with compliance issues. They are not real familiar with the Professional Employer Organization relationship, so take your time with them.

23 Employee Company

This is an entity the state of WV wanted to set up but did not want them as state employees. So a research firm that was already set up to do business with the state won the bid and took them on as their employees. This firm has now submitted their rates for the next contract year and they are very high. So the board of this company has decided a Professional Employer Organization may be a better way for them to go. This company is tasked with setting up a health information exchange in the state of WV. They currently have 6 employees but plan to add 4 to 6 new employees within the next 6 months. They currently are set up with a BCBS plan and Met Life dental and other ancillary benefits. Their contract with their current administrator ran out in Dec, so they need to move quickly. They have a board meeting set up the end of FEB so that will be the target for the proposals. The contact is an administrator and I've explained that the managing director should be the one to take your initial contact calls. thanks

6 Employee Company

This is an ambulance service contractor that has been in business for 8 years. It's been explained to me that the company grew much faster than anticipated, and before solid management and procedures were put into place. This resulted out of control W/Comp claims. They have since scaled back, selling some trucks, hired a safety manager and have put safety and back to work programs in place. However, their MOD is 1.8 at this point and they are looking to see if they can lower those costs by using a Professional Employer Organization. Once received please request all the collected supporting documentation from me.

67 Employee Company