Oklahoma Based Accord HR Acquired by Trinet

Oklahoma Based Accord HR Acquired by Trinet

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AccordHR purchased by Trinet

On April 26, 2012 San Leandro, CA based Trinet announced the acquisition of Oklahoma City based AccordHR. Both companies are privately held and terms of the sale were not disclosed. Oklahoma based AccordHR was founded in 1992 by Dale Hageman and grew to be one of the largest PEOs in Oklahoma. In 1995, AccordHR joined forces with John Jones in Tampa, Florida where a separate PEO was established (Accord of Florida) with Mr. Jones acting as president. According to the State of Florida, Accord HR has twelve active operating companies in Florida. In Oklahoma, Accord Human Resources has thirteen operating companies.

Trinet Press Release:

According the Trinet press release announcing the acquisition:

  • AccordHR will remain an intact entity operating as a business unit within Trinet.
  • The AccordHR name and company branding will remain.
  • Mr. Hageman will remain in a leadership position in the new business unit and Trinet CEO Burton Goldfield committed to “supporting the Accord colleagues and clients”.

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