Administrative Concepts Sells PEO Operation

Administrative Concepts Sells PEO Operation to PEMCO

ACC Sold to Progressive Employer Management Company

January 15, 2012

Administrative Concepts (ACC) a long time PEO in Florida has sold its operation to Progressive Employer Management Company (PEMCO) a Professional Employer Organization located in Sarasota Florida.

ACC was founded in 1995 by George Bushong and his wife Sarah Peel. Mr. Bushong has had a long time involvement with the employee leasing industry and was part of the original group that created Staff Leasing in Bradenton, Florida in the early 1980s. Mr. Bushong helped maneuver his company, ACC, through the tumultuous period of workers’ compensation insurance in 2001 by starting his own workers’ compensation carrier, Southern Eagle Insurance. Creating the insurance company allowed ACC to offer their employee leasing clients workers’ compensation insurance when many traditional work comp carriers would not write policies to any employee leasing companies. The strategy helped ACC grow during a time period when many other employee leasing companies were being forced to close their doors. The effectiveness of that strategy came to an abrupt end when Southern Eagle Insurance Company was forced in to receivership by the Florida Chief Financial Officer, Jeff Atwater on December 16, 2011.

Any former clients of ACC who have outstanding workers’ compensation claims prior to the merger with PEMCO should review information located at the Florida Division of Rehabilitation and Liquidation about how Southern Eagle Insurance claims will be paid. With the entry of the liquidation order, the Florida Workers’ Compensation Insurance Guaranty Association (FWCIGA) was activated to help pay claims for workers’ compensation policies. Receivership Notice for Southern Eagle Insurance

Transition to PEMCO

According to a communication released by ACC the last week of December 2011, Sarah Peel, the CEO of ACC announced the transition of ACC accounts to PEMCO. The letter states that worker’s compensation insurance coverage will now be provided by SUNZ insurance and that state unemployment taxes (SUTA) rates will be increased.


Progressive Employer Management Company (PEMCO) was renamed from SEMCO in August 2010 and later took over the assets of the former entity Progressive Employer Services. PEMCO purchased the client base and other assets including the website of Progressive Employer Services and the company operates under the name Progressive Employer Management Company, Inc. PEMCO is owned by Michael Dris of Tarpon Springs, Florida. ACC clients affected by these changes may want to review our information about how to review options when their PEO is sold.