NAPEO Announces Ad Initiative

NAPEO Announces New Advertising Initiative

NAPEO recently release a new slogan, “Keep Calm and Call a PEO”. The advertising is shown with the image of the British crown. The ad copy appears to be a take off from a campaign in Britain at the beginning of World War II that was meant to keep up the spirits of the British population who feared invasion. Watch a video about the origin of the “Keep Calm” campaign. Given the situation facing many small and medium sized business today, the campaign slogan appears very appropriate for the times.
NAPEO - Keep Calm
Generate your own “Keep Calm” slogans here

What is NAPEO?

NAPEO is a trade association who’s mission is to advocate the PEO business model to regulators, elected officials and businesses throughout the USA. NAPEO was formed in 1984 as a industry trade organization that works as an advocacy group for the PEO industry. The group name was originally the National Staff Leasing Association and changed its name to National Association of Professional Employer Organizations in 1994. PEOs provide employer related services to over 250,000 businesses throughout the USA.

Recent Contributions
In March 2013 NAPEO promoted The Small Business Efficiency Act (S. 479) to the US Senate that will improve tax compliance and create needed certainty for small businesses using a PEO. This act is strongly supported by senator Bill Nelson of Florida and senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa.

Is a PEO required to be a NAPEO Member?
No. NAPEO is not a regulatory body and association membership is not required for any PEO.

Is NAPEO Membership Important to PEO Clients?
Some clients may prefer to engage a PEO that is a member of NAPEO, however a PEOs membership in NAPEO does not imply anything regarding the financial solvency or business practices of the PEO. Membership in NAPEO does imply that the PEO is involved with and supports the growth of the industry and backs that up with funding. Each PEOs annual dues to NAPEO are based on the size of the PEO, where larger PEOs pay a higher annual membership amount.

NAPEO – The Economics of Advocacy

One of the primary missions of NAPEO has been their push for “Legislative Certainty” with both Federal and State legislation. The areas of employment, taxes, regulatory compliance, workers’ compensation insurance, and employee benefits are highly regulated (See PPACA!). NAPEO has long employed some of the nation’s best employment lawyers and law firms to explain the PEO model to the US Congress and to state legislators. Due to each states regulatory control over insurance and unemployment insurance taxes (UI), NAPEO has established and promoted their “model legislation” that they have taken before the legislature in many states. Most states have adopted this model legislation while others have modified it slightly regarding reporting IDs for UI and for workers comp mod rate handling. No PEO in the nation could afford to individually fund this advocacy in each state and at the federal level. NAPEO fills this need for the industry in an economical way, although it is still expensive.

StaffMarket and NAPEO

StaffMarket has been an associate member in the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) for over a decade and we believe strongly in their mission. As association members, StaffMarket has sponsored events at the annual national conference. The StaffMarket team often consults members of the NAPEO legal staff when StaffMarket clients have posed questions regarding specific details related to the PEO co-employment model. We believe every PEO has an obligation to support the mission of NAPEO since all PEOs ultimately benefit from their efforts to clarify the legislative and regulatory environments for PEOs. Click here to get more information about using

NAPEO membership as a PEO selection criteria