How a PEO Can Benefit Professional Associations

How a PEO Can Benefit Professional Associations and their members.

A significant reason many companies join or belong to an industry association is to take advantage of additional products and services that may not be available to the general public. Those can include everything from industry specific vendor discounts, to continuing education credits/certifications or even legislative lobbying to benefit your industry as a whole.

One section of these services can include payroll administration, insurance products and Human Resources. Let’s take a look at how a PEO can help the membership director add valuable benefits to the current membership base.

The Four Core PEO Services

Payroll Administration

Workers Compensation-Risk Management

Human Resources


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The four core Professional Employer Services

Member Geographic Make-up and size of company.

What is the foot print of your membership? Are they local or geographically spread out? Take the National Restaurant Association as an example. They have members in all 50 states. How would your membership director know which PEO’s are licensed to operate in the locations required?

Yes, size does matter. Which industries are positioned to benefit the most from a PEO relationship? Not all, of course. If you represent an association whose member make up is typically a one or two person business, then a PEO is probably not going to offer much benefit. But, if your membership is a make up of employers with more than 10 full time employees, outsourcing starts to make sense.

How can we help your association?

Over the 10 years I’ve been in the PEO industry, I’ve been able to help membership directors not only retain their current members, but also attract new members by offering a PEO solution. In some cases I’ve even been able to show an additional referral revenue stream back to the association. Give me a call, and let’s see how we can create a custom program for your association and grow your membership base.