Winning the Battle for Workers – How a PEO can help

Joining forces with a PEO can make your company or more attractive employer for job prospects. On January 5th  , 2022 the Wall Street Journal reported that workers quit their jobs at a record rate in November 2021.

Workers Quit Jobs at a Record Level in November – WSJ Click the button to “READ ARTICLE”.

The article state that “Workers have been quitting for higher wages, flexibility and other opportunities”. Also noted in the article was that smaller firms are finding it hard to compete with larger firms in the competition for workers. For decades thousands of small and medium sized companies have engaged a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to get cost effective access to a full suite of employee benefits for their workers. Small and mediums sized companies that join forces with a PEO have a better shot at being a more attractive employment option for job candidates.

By joining a PEO small and medium sized businesses may have a better chance at winning the battle for workers.

If your company is considering a PEO, contact StaffMarket and we will assist you with understanding your best options.